When you take out the random prank videos and cute cat videos, YouTube can actually be a useful resource.

You can find all kinds of free audiobooks, book summaries and even entire seminars.

Just be careful to stay on track, and not be distracted by useless videos in the sidebar.

I’ve actually went as far as to install a Chrome plugin that removes the comments on YouTube videos. It’s just too dangerous to risk your IQ at the expense of accidentally catching a YouTube comment.

If you don’t time to watch all of these videos, you can always download with Mp3 version with ytmp3.com.

I’ve compiled a list of a few key videos that are pure gold. Mostly seminars, with a couple speeches. If not for YouTube, you would actually have to pay for most of these. Thanks, YouTube! Here they are…

1. The Science of Productivity [Charles Duhigg]

It’s not hard to give this video your undivided attention for an hour. It’s just that interesting.

Charles Duhigg is the author of The Power of Habit, and has just released a book I’m dying to read: Smarter Faster Better.

In this video, Charles discusses how he got where he is, and what he’s learned along the way. If you don’t watch any other video on this page, watch this one. It’s worth every minute.

Duration: 1 Hour 7 Minutes

2. Best Year Ever Seminar [Jim Rohn]

I’m a huge Jim Rohn fan, so I almost paid a lot to buy this seminar.

And then I found it for free on YouTube. Isn’t YouTube great?

Yes, this is a four-hour seminar, completely for free. Take the time to watch it.

I’ve actually watched the whole thing, on YouTube, twice.

Duration: 4 Hours 22 Minutes

3. How to Stay Out of Debt [Warren Buffett]

Warren Buffett always seems nervous when he’s speaking in front of people, but I honestly just think it’s his personality.

Regardless of how he presents himself, his information is spot on.

This is a great video to get some insight into his way of thinking. And he even does his classic intro: “Testing. One million, two million…”

Duration: 1 Hour

4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People [Stephen Covey]

You’ve probably heard of the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This is the video.

Dr. Covey goes through the seven habits in this seminar, and goes into detail.

This is another video you’d have to pay for if it wasn’t for YouTube. If you haven’t read the book, you must watch the seminar. If you have read the book, it will be a great reminder, and I’m sure you’ll learn something new.

Duration: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

5. Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires [Brian Tracy]

This speech is phenomenal. I love Brian Tracy. You probably know him by his most popular book, Eat That Frog.

He’s actually written over 60 books. That’s pretty impressive.

This is a brief seminar Brian gave for BetterLife about the habits of self-made millionaires.

This isn’t just about money, it’s about the habits you’ll develop by becoming a millionaire.

Duration: 46 Minutes

6. Personal Time Management [Brian Tracy]

An oldie, but a goodie. Yes, it’s another Brian Tracy video.

What do you expect? He’s a leading authority and he’s written 60 books. He has some things to say.

The video above is focusing on habits to become a millionaire, whereas this video focuses on habits to live a better life, in general. It applies to everyone, regardless of where you’re at with your money situation, or where you want to go.

Duration: 55 Minutes

7. Winning With People [John Maxwell]

Would you look at that! It’s another seminar you’d have to pay for if not for YouTube.

Are you seeing a common trend here?

This is an awesome seminar where John provides some answers to common questions, and shares insight from what he knows as the author of somewhere around five million leadership books (I may have slightly exaggerated there).

Duration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

8. The Strangest Secret [Earl Nightingale]

This one’s last, because it’s just audio, no video. But it’s well worth the listen. And it’s pretty short.

I first heard about this talk when Jim Rohn recommended it in his seminar above.

This is something you need to hear.

Duration: 31 Minutes

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

If you’re going to spend time on YouTube, you might as well use it as time to grow.

There are so many great videos out there, but again, don’t get distracted! It’s easy to do.

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What are your favorite videos here? Do you know of some more great YouTube videos?