Vue.js is well-known among JavaScript frameworks as a progressive tool to build users interfaces. If you need a website or web application for your business – Vue can help to create a functional users interface. But how can you save on taxes and get an attractive website? A modern entrepreneur should always remember about the tax law to get the highest profit from the business. And in this case, the remote front-end developer is the answer.

Why should you choose a Vue.js development company for your project? With it, you will get a highly adaptable and user-friendly interface. Vue is easily combined with other libraries and web development tools and can be integrated into the existing projects. The developers create gorgeous single-page apps, using this framework.

How to Build a Website on Vue and Save on Taxes

Web development jobs in America and EU countries are well-paid, so if you need a developer, it may cost you an arm and a leg. But why should you search for a developer in your city (country), if you can find a remote performer, who does the same work for a lower cost?

Choosing a country to outsource your project, check the taxation rates. It is the first point, at which your project becomes cheaper. Hiring a remote front-end developer you also save on payroll taxes. Outsourcing professionals work on the project basis. It is cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. And if you need a developers’ support – it also can be made remotely through the internet.

The coders build various websites, applications, and services on Vue. It is used for e-commerce, financial tools, chats, games, plugins, management, statistics collection and so on. The developers love it for being easy, yet functional. So, what should you know about Vue.js before using it?

Simple in Studying and Use

In comparison to other JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js is simple to work with. Something simple can be built within a day. The developer, who works with HTML and JavaScript starts coding just after reading the Vue.js tutorial. It is a nice option if you want to add something to the existing project or need to complete the application quickly. Fixing of bugs also takes less time.

Vue Application is Flexible

Need a cross-platform application? Vue can do this. The coder can use different environments to build it and work with any other JS frameworks or PHP.  Working on the existing application, you can get additional components. It is a good option for companies, who want to modernize websites or to present new offers. The component-based blow makes adding some extra features to the application a rapid process.

The Profit From Command-line Interface

CLI, or Command-line interface, helps to start the project quicker and to install extra features “with one click of the mouse”. The project generator launches the new application in accordance with the demands and helps to complete setup and scaffolding in a shorter time. With it, the developer significantly reduces the time spent on the initial stage of the work.

Vue.js Popularity Among Other JavaScript Frameworks

If you want to get an outstanding website, you probably compare several development tools to pick the one, which will meet all your needs. The statistics of top JavaScript frameworks can help to decide. The coders name such positive features of Vue as:

  • simplicity in learning
  • sophisticated patterns and programming style
  • well-developed documentation
  • simplicity in use and small weight
  • fast performance
  • growing demand
  • powerful tools for the developers

On average, 28.7% of questioned developers have already tried Vue.js and are ready to use it again.

Which Applications are made with Vue

Vue.js has entered the circle of JS frameworks and became popular among coders and users. And its popularity is constantly growing. Even the worldwide-known web giants like Facebook, Netflix, and Adobe choose it for their sites. If you need some more examples, here is the list of services, empowered with Vue:

  • VivifyScrum. A web service for project management. Can be used by small companies and big enterprises.
  • My Nintendo. A web service for Nintendo accounts owners. Here players can earn points for playing and spend them on other games.
  • Koala Mattress. A progressive web application for e-commerce.
  • Mindstamp.  An application for the creation of interactive videos with pop-up questions and notes.

Vue offers many positive features to the coders and their customers. It is easy to work with. You can add various components to your website or application, even if it was made with the other framework. Vue.js is already appreciated by many web-developers and companies. And if you need it for your business as well – hire a remote developer and get an outstanding result.

Outsourcing website building is profitable and sufficient for business and coders. The customer gets a devoted team of the professional developers and saves budget. The performers have various interesting projects, stay tuned to the newest tendencies in the IT world and constantly master their skills. If you need an attractive and functional business website – the remote developers and Vue.js is a worthy combination for it.

Check out this infographic for more on vue.js development:

Infographic: Mobilunity