I have a crazy idea.

What if we didn’t need a commercialized holiday to force us to buy things for our special someone?

What if we constantly pursued the relationship, and gave gifts that speak directly to that individuals love language?

Yes, even on non-holidays.

Let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day exists for economical reasons.

I’m not telling you not to celebrate it, but I am giving you permission not to.

If this is the one time you buy a gift for him or her, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

Unless they just hate getting gifts.

Don’t feel obligated to buy gifts for your significant other next Valentine’s Day. Talk to each other and see how you can save money by doing something free, or buying the clearance candy afterwards.

Go out and do something together. Spend time togetherTime, not money.

Men, buy her flowers if she likes flowers, but if you did it more often than on Valentine’s Day, it wouldn’t be so crucial for you to do it every February 14th.

If you or your partner measure love by the amount of money spent on a gift, please stop reading this blog. I can’t help you.

Let’s look at how much Valentine’s Day costs us:

valentines day infographic

Infographic: The History Channel