Millennials are notorious for relying on technology in their personal and professional lives, but a recent report released by the USPS Office of the Inspector General found that 80% of millennials are satisfied with the Postal Service and 75% feel special when they receive personal mail. While opening your mailbox and finding a letter or card from a friend or family member creates an undeniable feeling of joy, utilizing the postal system can also help you save money.

Send Letters In Place Of A Visit

When you live far from family or friends, a trip to see them could be costly. You can occasionally find tickets for a train, bus, or plane at discounted rates but travel expenses add up. While more than 8 million people fly every day, for working professionals, taking time off can be difficult, and even if it is possible, it can mean sacrificing pay.

An easy way to make a personal, thoughtful connection without spending much cash is to keep up a correspondence over mail. While you could just text your friend, sending them a handwritten letter or card creates an intimate connection while giving them a physical keepsake. With any luck, they’ll send one back and you’ll both have gained a pen pal.

Even more effective, older family members will appreciate a nicely-written letter or postcard over an email. Buy a pack of forever stamps and a few envelopes, and you’ll be able to skip your next in-person visit.

Put Coupons To Use

About 90% of millennials feel that using direct mail for advertising is reliable. When a physical ad is in your hands, you’re likely to remember the company. Next time you see these coupons from retailers, take note and don’t throw them in the trash. These little pieces of paper can save you a considerable amount of money, especially if they don’t have expiration dates. If you’re planning a big purchase, such as a couch or a pair of quality shoes, save applicable coupons until you’re ready to make the purchase.

When you receive advertisements from restaurants, plan your next date there and save a bit on your nice dinner. If you’re not getting coupons now, opt-in for physical mailings from different companies. The next time you move, you can also get a plethora of coupons for home decor and improvement when you file for a change of address with the USPS.

Don’t wait for someone else to send you a card to get that warm, fuzzy feeling of being thought of and cared about. Instead, create that feeling in someone else and save money on more expensive means of interaction by making use of something we all have: a mailbox.