You probably have scrolled through Pinterest and saw dozens of luxurious big kitchens with huge center islands or a huge open floor plan. Maybe now you’re starting to wonder how much would it cost to have your tiny kitchen remodeled into a big kitchen. Well, hold that thought.

That tiny kitchen that you now have isn’t as bad as you think. It’s seen that tiny kitchens are actually more efficient and practical. All you have to do is maximize the use of your space and choose a great design for it. Below are some tiny kitchen renovation ideas for you:

1. Scale Down

Keep in mind that a small kitchen’s main purpose is for meal prep. So better focus on function.

It’s best to use scaled-down appliances. Instead of going for those huge double door fridge, it may be best to use a single door fridge. It’s also better to have a counter-topped cart that you can wheel away when you need the space instead of a built-in kitchen island.

Having small scale appliances gives you all the kitchen functions that you need for cooking without it hogging up your space.

2. Light Colors

A great way to make your tiny kitchen feel bigger is to change your colors to lighter shades.

You could go for the classic white or opt to use colors that are neutral or pastel. It’s seen that lighter colors spread and reflect light more making a space seem taller and bigger. So switch your walls and cabinets into something lighter to give the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

3. Open Storage

Try placing your storage vertically to maximize the aerial space, but top cupboards could make a room feel smaller. What you could do is use glass doors for your top cabinets to expand the room.

Another thing that you could do is scratch those top cabinets and replace them with some open storage like shelves, pot racks, and spice holders. Utilizing open storage makes a room feel more spacious since you won’t have those big bulky cabinets looming over you. Plus it’s a great way to use your functional kitchen tools that you don’t mind showing off as decoration.

4. Embrace The Size

Instead of trying to make your kitchen feel taller and bigger, try embracing the size. This will give you an opportunity to splurge on materials at a cheaper price. You could change your flooring into cute ones with designs and patterns to give personality to your kitchen. Also, this may be the time to invest in marble countertops which is both beautiful and durable. Having a small area will give you the comfort of using high-end materials without breaking your bank.

Even with all these renovation ideas, keep in mind that the most important thing in making your tiny kitchen both beautiful and functional is staying organized. So make sure that you spend time organizing your shelves, cupboards, and even your fridge to maintain your tiny kitchen.