I started to write a gigantic list of everywhere that offers a student discount and then I thought twice about it…

Why waste your time searching for companies that offer discounts when there is a better alternative?

Here’s what you should be doing…

Start by Asking Everyone

These days most businesses do offer some type of student discount.

If you’re in a college town, you’ve probably noticed that most places offer a discount. A Pizza Hut or a Chili’s in other towns may not, but in your college town they do. Or at least, they have cheap specials directly for students.

So why search for a list of discounts when you can ask everyone?

Even if they don’t advertise it, many places will give a student discount. This goes for military, firefighters, AAA and police discounts too. There’s no need to look for a list if you can always remember to ask. I’m in the military and I don’t go anywhere without asking for a military discount. I’m also a student so I can usually get something. If they don’t have a discount, no big deal, but you asked. You’ll have a lot more luck by asking everyone rather than searching for lists.

So with all the lists out there, don’t waste your time, just ask everyone. However, I’ve included an extremely helpful list of 10 student discounts you can still get after you graduate. This list is great, since most places don’t continue the discount…

10 Student Discounts You Can Still Use After Graduating

Every little bit helps and I’m all for asking for discounts, but don’t waste your time looking for an exhaustive list. Use the list above for after you graduate (or if you already graduated), but until then, ask everyone! You’ll be surprised at the places that offer a discount.

Do you ask for discounts? Do you know of more places that offer a student discount for life? Share in the comments!

Infographic: Debt.com