Note: This post was contributed by Christopher Carney, CEO, abode Systems.

Investing in smart home security will benefit your home and family in all areas of your life. Smart tech makes your home safer and allows you to check on the status of your home from anywhere, at any time through the mobile app, giving you more control and peace of mind. Today, smart home security systems are more flexible and easier to install than traditional home security equipment, making the solution perfect for homes and apartments alike.

Cost-saving benefits are helping smart home security technology become increasingly popular among consumers. Smart home customers are saving money on their monthly insurance rates, in addition to enjoying increased efficiency and the simplicity of DIY technology that saves them money on professional installation and monitoring fees.

1. Save on Insurance

It makes total sense that insurers would encourage their customers to make their homes as secure as possible. Increased security for the home means that there is less of a chance the insurer will have to file a costly claim. Realizing this opportunity, insurers are willing to offer discounts as incentives for their customer to protect their home and assets with smart technology.

Travelers offers a Protective Device Discount. The company explains that customers can save by having, “smart or connected home technology, which alerts the customer that a fire or burglar event is occurring.” These kinds of immediate alerts can be sent even when users are not home, one of the main advantages of smart home security. Smoke alarm monitors can send instant alerts to smartphones about potential fire, and devices such as connected cameras, alarms, and motion sensors can alert homeowners of a potential burglary in their home.

Smart home security isn’t only about keeping out intruders. Water leak sensors and smoke alarm monitors can be incorporated into abode’s wireless security system, and American Family Insurance offers potential discounts for customers who install sensors to actively protect their home from fire and flood risks. Nationwide also offers protective device discounts applying to smoke detectors, fire alarms, burglar alarms, and other qualifying devices.

Make sure you check with your insurer about what kind of discounts they will offer when your home is equipped with smart tech devices that make it safer.

2. Save on Energy Bills

Smart home devices were present in almost 50 million U.S. homes in 2018, and more than half of American homes are expected to be making use of smart devices by 2023. These smart home devices help you save energy and subsequently money.

Energy bills can be significantly reduced if people are able to control their homes from anywhere using their phone or tablet. Smart home technology enables them to switch off the lights, and adjust their heating and cooling systems remotely. Installing door and window sensors can alert users if a door or window has been left open, doubling down on security and energy efficiency.

Another way to make a home more energy efficient is to program a smart home to act autonomously. Automation platforms like abode’s Cue can make sure heat and air-conditioning automatically switch off or adjust depending on certain conditions, including whether anyone is home, what temperature a smart thermostat is set to, or what time of day it is.

Another example would be having outdoor lights come on only when it’s dark outside and a motion sensor has detected activity, or notify users if a door has been left open for a certain length of time.

3. Save money by choosing to DIY

DIY all-in-one security systems are affordable, easy to use, and include all the necessary devices to customize an effective smart home security system. This removes the need for a professionally installed and monitored security system, meaning the expenses that come with these professional services are also eliminated. With abode, there is no need for a monthly contract to benefit from their optional professional monitoring systems.

Traditional security devices can be cumbersome and can leave permanent marks on the home. In contrast, smart home add convenience to a home, and are designed to be low-profile enough to blend in with the aesthetics of a home. They can also be easily transported and reinstalled if users ever move to a new home or apartment.

It’s possible to get started with a single hub, and maybe a camera, sensors, and an alarm. The setup can be added to over time depending on circumstances and budget, and abode can connect with up to 160 devices including those from major smart home brands.

Check out the abode website to learn more about how a smart home security system can save you money.

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The above article, “Three Ways Smart Home Security Can Save You Money,” was written by Christopher Carney, Co-Founder and CEO of abode Systems. Christopher has over 15 years of experience in software and security technology and developed abode to give consumers peace of mind in a simple home security system.