Today, you get two money-saving articles. This one is for you individually, and the other one coming later today will show you how to save money in your business. Of course, either article could apply to you and your business. Enjoy!

Many of us want to attack the idea of being frugal by saving large sums of money – but trying to save too big an amount too quickly can backfire. That’s because you may need to cut back in every aspect of your life, and this could affect your well-being.

Imagine living without an air conditioner in the extreme summer heat when you’re trying to reduce the electricity bill or not being able to eat at your favorite restaurant when you’re trying to save money on food. There’s disaster written all over it.

Don’t get me wrong, saving a big sum of money is good, but you’re more likely to avoid getting stuck in a rut if you make a series of small savings that add up over time. With the tips mentioned below, you’ll see a decent figure on your bank statement at the end of the year, without feeling like you have had to sacrifice your lifestyle to achieve this feat.

1.  Shop Around For Utility Rates

You have the ability to choose an electricity supply plan, so shopping for competitive electricity rates in your state could potentially save you a decent amount on your monthly electricity expenses. The site,, and similar comparison websites give you the option to research and compare retail energy companies in different states, helping you find a suitable supply plan.

You can also use such websites to shop for electricity. Top electric rate comparison websites just require you to enter a ZIP code. After you do, you can see the different electric supply rates in your proximity.

2.  Bundle Phone, Internet and Cable

The prices of telephone, cable and internet services are rising faster than the rate of inflation, despite an increase in competition. Mintel Group’s report revealed that the average monthly cost of these services is $154. That makes $1,848 per year, which is more than what the average household spends on electricity.

Decent savings can be made if you start using the same company for telephone, internet, and cable access. Bundling services together is more affordable; around $100 per month could cover all the services. Companies that offer such bundles also offer promotional rates for the first few months, so there’s a lot of savings to be made.

Also, bundling gives you the convenience of receiving a bill from just one company.

3.  Stock Up Grocery Items

You can save a good amount on groceries if you stock up items when they’re on sale and skip the weekly grocery trip once or twice a month. The stockpiled items could include all kinds of products such as ice cream, chocolate, meat, bread etc. These could be bought when they’re on sale and later you can freeze them to extend their life.

You can also practice price matching. If your favorite grocery store is selling items at a higher price, you can perhaps get a discount on items by showing that their competitor is selling the same items at a lower price. If they’re offering the same price but you heard that the competitor was giving a better price, you won’t have to drive all over town to get the same price.

These measures will save you small amounts over the course of time, improving your bottom line in the long run without distorting your current lifestyle.