Pets are great companions. Today more than ever, they have become valuable members of the family across different parts of the globe. From kids to the elderly, every family member becomes fond of different pets. This is why there is the continued growth of pet care in the community.

Whether you choose to have a dog, a cat or any other pet in your home, feeding it well is imperative. Pet food can be costly, but if you are looking at and trying to cut down on your expenses, here are vital tips to keep in mind.

Buy Quality Not Brand Name 

Giant pet brands in the market often give you peace of mind that you are getting the right product. However, you will realize that apart from giant names, there are other bargain options to go for. Such options provide quality and nutritious pet foods just like top brands. You only need to compare ingredients, labels and reputation of affordable options to find the best. 

When buying pet food, keep in mind allergies and possible health issues of your pet. Your veterinarian can recommend some of the reputed yet affordable brands to go for. 

Pet Food Deals 

Many brands today offer pet food deals across different seasons. With easy access to internet services, email subscriptions and membership programs, you can keep an eye for any upcoming or ongoing deal. Subscribe for coupon lists and email newsletters from your favourite brand to get quality food while cutting down on your expenses. 

save money pet food

Pet brands also provide different deals. In this case, check out for manufacturer’s coupons and use your coupon code. You will also find many other exciting offers on your brand’s social media page. Manufacturers also work with different vets and they give out food samples and coupons to clients for free. 

Buy Large Amounts

Buying pet food in bulk helps you to save compared to going for smaller bags. Bulk pet food has reasonable price units and you can take advantage of top your brand’s prime membership. This will give you notification on available deals for bulk purchases like buy two get one for free among other deals. 

When buying in bulk, the rule of thumb is to get foods that your pet is used to. When introducing a new product, go small. Start with small-sized bags until you are sure your pet is ok with food. This is to avoid cases where the food you have already purchased gets wasted, especially if you have a picky pet at home. 

Serve Food According to Age 

You must serve the right amount to your pet according to its age. Do not waste food by serving large amounts to smaller pets. The food gets wasted in the long run and you will spend more buying food. What’s more, you risk pet obesity when you serve more food than what your pet needs. It is a major health concern for pets and just to be safe, ask your vet how much food you should serve your treasurable companion. 

Raw Food 

Raw food includes: fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and other fresh treats. They are the perfect food for your dog and an excellent way to save on pet food. Introduce fresh food slowly and learn more on a raw food diet from your vet. You will realize your pet has a favourite and you can feed it on raw food once or twice a week. 

Alternatively, you can cook pet food at home to cut down on expenses. Have a diet plan for the pet and cook the food yourself. If you have someone you can trust to prepare the food, it is equally good. Most importantly, cook healthy food and observe the servings. This is to keep your pet healthy while cutting down on dog food expenses.