Premiums paid for auto insurance are an unavoidable expense as it is mandated by the state laws.

Motor owners pay hefty insurance premiums while purchasing or renewing their auto insurance.

The main reason is lack of time to search for offers and auto insurance discounts. However, there are ways to save money on auto insurance. Stick to this list for the top proven tips to save on auto insurance in 2019.

Let’s get started.

1. Timely Renewal

The first tip to save on auto insurance is timely renewal. Target to stay connected with an insurer for at least five years by paying all premiums on time ensuring the policy never gets lapsed in between. The longer you stay connected with an insurer, the better are the chances of getting higher discounts on renewal premiums year after year.

2. Go for an Auto and Home Insurance Bundle Package

A proven way to save on the Insurance cost is to club it with other Insurance policies like home, travel or life insurance. Insurance means added protections and getting all of them together makes the Insurer happy, in return, you get a reduced premium rate.

3. Compare Before Buying

There are variations in the car insurance policies offered by different insurance companies in terms of features and price. It is an easy way to submit your requirements online and get free insurance quotes from multiple companies.

This gives you a fair idea to evaluate and choose the policy with the exact features you are looking for. Visit this site to get the best car insurance package that suits your unique need when you compare before buying.

4. Avoid Paying the Premium in Instalments

You can save a lot by paying the insurance premium yearly instead of choosing a monthly or quarterly payment mode. An insurer is happy to offer premium rebates for premiums paid in annual modes.

Instead of paying in monthly mode, start putting the same amount in a savings account and withdraw lump sum before the premium due date. Doing so, you not only earn interest from the savings deposit but also earn a premium discount from the Insurer.

5. Go for a Second-Hand Car

In case you get a decent used car in good condition, go for it as you pay less insurance premium in comparison with the new cars. Vehicle value depreciates over time and therefore buying an older can makes you pay less for car insurance.

6. Register for Automatic Payments

Setting up automatic payments options to pay all the renewal premiums is a great way to save. Insurance companies offer discounts to customers paying premium through automatic mode as they save a lot on the processing fees and chances for customer retention increases a lot.

7. Select Insurance Plans Based on Your Usage

There are ‘pay-as-you-go’s policies where the insurer charges the premium based on usage. If you are a frequent driver or drive more in nearby locations, there are chances that you pay less premium compared to the traditional auto insurance plans. You can save as high as up to 30% in these cases.

8. Ask About Premium Discount for Shared Policies

Teenager listed under their parent’s policy or spouse sharing policy is special cases where insurance companies offer discounts in case the time spent is over six months. There are shared policies and you need to ask to get the discount as they are not listed anywhere.

9. Your Qualification Plays a Factor

Insurance companies believe that highly qualified individuals are safe drivers, therefore, offers a lower premium rate as the risk of accidents reduces. Therefore, give correct information about your qualification in the questioner when you fill the form.

10. Chose to Get Your Policy in Digital Form

There is no requirement to keep the policy bond in manual form. Sign in for a digital policy, e-statements, etc. and get all delivered to your registered email address. The advantage might not be saving, but it is of great convenience as you minimize the chances to misplace the bond and save the environment too.

11. Check for Low Mileage Discounts

Insurers are happy to offer additional premium discounts in case your car mileage is below the set average of 12,000 miles per year. This certainly gives you significant savings, so ask for it.

12. Learn Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving is a great technique to learn as it keeps you safe on the road keeping you away from major accidents. You might require paying some money learning this course, but in the long run, you get a lot of benefit from the auto insurance company.

13. Educate Yourself as a Driver

Insurance companies are happy to offer a lower premium rate to drivers having an accredited driver’s education. Skilled drivers have lesser accidents which mean a low number of claims and it’s good for the Insurance companies. Just in case if you met with an accident then keep in mind the basics of what you should do in the event of having an accident.

14. Take Less Coverage for Used Cars

If you are driving a used car, there is no need to put an enhanced coverage on the car. Buy a minimum insurance cover for your car just for the sake of law and save a handsome amount on the premium.

15. Put Winter Tires on Your Car

Winter Tires offers additional safety during difficult driving conditions like driving on heavy snow or under sub-freezing conditions. Using winter tires on a regular basis increases your chance to get a premium discount from the insurer and offers you more safety during tough driving conditions.

16. Register for Roadside Assistance Program

Roadside Assistance Program membership offered by many insurance companies not only offers you additional safety in case of emergency, but you also enjoy additional discounts. Some Roadside Assistance Programs even offers hotel discounts as a part of their membership plan.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that auto insurance is a matter of topmost priority. It cannot be substituted or overlooked at all because it’s a matter of safety that Insurance offers when you drive along the road. However, there are best practices and ways to reduce the premium expenses over a period of time. Stick to this guide and follow these proven tips to save on auto insurance in 2019.