Sleep is undoubtedly an important part of your life.

You spend one-third of your life sleeping or resting on your bed. Hence, one thing that is used the most in your house is a mattress. Usually, an average lifespan of a mattress is maximum of ten years.

Sometimes, due to constant or rough usage, your mattress becomes annoying earlier than the expected age. So, if you are feeling restless lying on your bed, its time to get a new mattress.

Besides, thinking that you still have years to change your mattress will only cost you more in later years. Compromising with your sleep means compromising with your health. Therefore, evaluate the condition of your mattress from time to time and get it replaced as required.

Moreover, a mattress is a pretty huge investment and a good quality mattress can be pricey at times. Most people postpone their purchase often due to its expensive cost. Fortunately, you can play smart and save a good sum of money while shopping for a new mattress without adjusting with comfort or quality of the mattress. You can get a great mattress at reasonable prices by following the tips written here.

Read on!

1. Do the Mattress Research

Before you start looking for money saving ideas, it is important to know what quality and product you are targeting.

You can never get the right value for the products whose real value is unknown to you. So, based on your previous mattress experiences and health records, determine a perfect size, type, and firmness for your next mattress.

Now, use the internet facility to explore the best options suiting your requirements. Read the mattresses reviews from review sites like Voonky and then prepare a list of your prefer mattresses with desired features and comfort.

2. Compare the Prices

There are plenty of online mattresses sellers. Compare your favorite mattress brands on all the available options to find the best prices and services at each stores.

Check the additional perks offered from each of this sellers so that you know which one is better for you. Also, find out when they offer their biggest sale or lowest prices on the mattress. By doing so, you will know what is the market value of each mattress that you prefer and, what kind of discounts you can expect on those mattresses?

3. Test Sleep

This might sound similar to test drive which indeed means the same. You must try the mattresses for its real feel before you actually buy it. Visit the nearby stores and try on the mattress you prefer.

This will help you know the actual feeling while sleeping on the mattress after buying it. Also, find out what prices they are offering and what perks they have? Testing will help you make up your mind on a mattress.

So far, you haven’t spend anything, but your time which is very important to hunt down the best deal while shopping for a mattress.

4. Hit at the Right Time

Whether you opt to go online or offline, make sure you are visiting the store at the right time. Both stores have sales and offer period so that you can grab the opportunity to get your favorite mattress at the best possible cost. Make sure you do fairly bargain while shopping so that you can get a little more money saved.

5. Shop Online

In today’s world, online shopping is more buyer friendly as it offers great price and discounts along with great customer service. It’s absolutely true with mattress shopping.

Online mattress retailer take every step to make sure that their customers get the best satisfaction while shopping with them. Moreover, you can apply discount coupons while shopping online hence it instantly saves your money.

Besides, you get 100 nights trial period on most of the mattress purchased from online stores. Even the return policies are more customer friendly at the online store.

6. Ask for Freebies

You can always ask for discounts or freebies like a mattress cover, pillowcases and bed sheets while shopping for a mattress. In facts, during online shopping you can ask the customer support agent to help you with discounts or freebies as it works in most cases.

At brick and mortar stores, you can ask the salesmen to give you freebies or discount on your mattress shopping. It is not 100 % proven, but it does it magic in most times.

7. Save on Delivery Fees

You can save on the delivery charges if you do proper negotiation while shopping for the mattress. However, if you shop online, delivery is free of cost with most online retailers. Sometimes the mattress company disposes of your old mattress at no cost. But if it does not, you can ask them to include it with the mattress cost as getting rid of an old mattress can be an expensive affair. You might not want to pay extra to get your old mattress to dispose of.

Mattress shopping is a hectic task, but with proper care you can enjoy the process along with cool savings. A mattress is going to be your sleeping partner for next 5 to 7 years so don’t be too stingy while picking the right comfort. Being fugal is always a good choice if it is not costing your health. Enjoy the saving and wish you a good health and sleep!