Slowly but surely more and more young people are looking for ways to be financially independent. And that’s a great thing! What better than having paid off all your debts before you reach thirty?

But with so much information online, and pressure of living a certain lifestyle, saving money, especially when you’re young is always easier said than done.

No worries though. That’s why we sat down and decided to pin down six different ways that can help you not only save money but build long-lasting habits that will keep your bank account healthy for the long run.

1. Set up a proper savings account and make it your goal to put money in there

A savings account is always a good idea), if you put money in a place where you can’t access them, you can’t really spend them. Even better look into CD investments like this one, they offer higher interest rates than a standard savings account but have some additional restrictions.

But, to keep yourself motivated to save money, you can do a small, but powerful tweak to your savings account.

Change its name.

Instead of depositing money in an account that’s nothing more than a string of numbers, rename it as one of your future goals. Like “New House”. That you every time you decide to put some money in that account you can clearly see exactly why you are putting that money in there.

It will also help with not withdrawing every time you want to buy yourself something fancy.

2. Ditch carrying cash on yourself and instead opt-out for a debit card

While cash can help you save money, most people just tend to spend more if they have paper bills on them. And that’s normal. Why wouldn’t you, you obviously have the money?

But if you are super serious about saving money, one tricks is to never carry more than twenty bucks on you. Instead, carry your debit card on you.

That’s right, credit, not debit card. See, with credit cards you borrow money from the future that you have to repay one day. So it’s kind of like getting something for free at the moment of purchase.

With your debit card, you’re spending straight out of your bank account and everything you pay is gone at the moment of purchase. That way you are double questioning yourself every time you go to make a purchase.

3. Skip eating out and start preparing your food at home

Eating at restaurants or fast food joints is one of the biggest money wasters people do. Especially those living in big cities.

Yes, it’s a lot easier to open an app on your phone and order some delicious food. Or just to put on a pair of sneakers and go to a restaurant down the block.

But the food you pay for is way more overpriced than the same food that you can buy at your local supermarket and prepare yourself at home. It’s also a lot healthier. And everyone who’s serious about saving money knows that eating outside is just a waste of money.

4. Don’t spend your money on coffee shops, when you can do it for cheap at home

Another way we’re practically wasting money is by buying coffee from coffee shops. Just like restaurants, coffee shops sell their products with a huge markup.

You’re basically spending $7 on coffee that costs no more than a dollar to make.

Instead, try and find a small coffee shop from which you can buy beans and start brewing and making your coffee at home. Who knows, you might find a new hobby.

5. Go grocery shopping once a week and make yourself a weekly meal plan

Buy in bulk, from large supermarkets and go in there with a shopping list. By buying with purpose you will make sure you won’t throw out food because it got old, and you also don’t spend money on buying things you don’t need.

So, every Sunday, spend three or four hours making a list and then buying everything you need. You’ll see it yourself that in two or three weeks you can end up saving hundreds of dollars on your grocery shopping.

6. Don’t spend money on designer clothes and accessories

One of the biggest money wasters by far (just like eating out and buying coffee from coffee shops) is buying designer clothes, shoes and accessories.

Truth is, spending a whole week’s paycheck for a belt or a bag isn’t really worth it. Especially now that you can find good quality clothes and accessories without the logo for much less money. So why spend the premium price when it’s not worth it? Just stick to the basics.