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Going green is certainly the buzz in business today, but as a busy owner or employee, it’s easy to push it to the side because you have enough on your plate. As if you needed one more thing to manage, right?

The good news is, going green in your office doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” endeavor. This is something you can implement over time.

1. Cut Down on Paper

To some extent, you’re always going to have some form of paperwork in your office, but gone are the days when every single document had to be printed and stored on the premises. Electronic storage of information with a backup component should be enough to keep you going.

2. Use Natural light

Many offices are bursting with over-illumination, both day and night. While it’s important to have a good amount of light while working and for safety, try to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. This can be done by using half, or less, of the overhead fluorescent lights in the office.

LED lights offer a longer, more sustainable and cheaper source of light, but many American businesses are buying and lighting up more because of their low cost and long life. This consumer behavior is counter-productive as the purpose of the LED is to primarily use less.

3. Utilize the Benefits of Power strips

At the end of a busy week, you’ll want to turn off your computer, but you can also save on electricity by using power strips. Employees can flip off the entire switch at the end of the day or week so that all associated powered items (like lamps and printers) get a break. The good news is that for powering down some electronics, like your computer, you’re also potentially extending their life.

Some monitors can have issues with brightness if they are left on too often, so you’re also cutting down on replacement costs if you can get everyone on board with these power-saving measures. Employees can set their computers to go to sleep after five minutes; this gives the machine a break if you get stuck in a meeting that runs longer than planned.

4. Recycle As Much as Possible

Pertaining to the paper trail, you can always use recycled versions if you need a hard copy. There are other opportunities to recycle in the office — try to partner up with a company that takes back your old toner cartridges with recycling. Some stores offer a credit if you return and refill or they will provide the shipping for you to send back the empty cartridge. If you have to replace it anyways, find the easiest way to recycle.

5. Order in Bulk

This is one way to max out on going green. Buying your supplies in bulk means you can cut down on unnecessary waste from shipping and packaging. Try to get all your orders in at the same time on a regular buying period so you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

6. Personalize Water Bottles and Mugs

Keep disposable and recyclable cups around for client meetings, but consider gifting company mugs or water bottles to your employees. Go a step further to have their names engraved.

There are many mug and water bottle designs to choose from for a reasonable price when you buy in bulk.

Final Words

It’s not hard to implement some of these measures, but they’re important steps for going green at the office and doing your part for the environment! These measures will also assist in saving your business money.

About the Author:
Attorney Robert Rogers is the founder of Robert Rogers Law Firm PA in beautiful Miami, Florida. Robert practices in small business and immigration law. He has extensive experience helping internationals in United States business ventures along with helping foreigners with their immigration needs.