Shopping has become a damaging habit nowadays. More and more people abuse this right, and consume endless energy. They not only hurt the Planet that we all live in, but they get caught up in a harmful routine. Shopping excessively is popular, but how many people stop to think about its consequences?

A good way to reduce shopaholic needs is writing down a list of all your expenses. The next step is arranging them where the most important ones stand out. Third step is understanding the reasons why you chose not to purchase trivial things. And that’s it! You’ve cut down on your expenses, and you live a happier life. Here are some reasons why you should take action!

1. Quality Over Quantity

If you constantly spend money on small things, you’ll end up disappointed in the long-term.

You might not see it now, but purchasing small items prevents you from saving money for the important things in life.

For example, is it better to buy a fancy dress, or is it smarter to save that money for traveling? It is the great things in life that bring us happiness, not the low-pitched ones. You might be happy in the short-term about buying that dress, but a couples years down the road, does it really change your life?

Go for quality over quantity! Spend the big bucks on the things that matter!

You’ll be a lot happier spending money on experiences and personal development, not on new, fancy clothes or home decorations!

Use the 30-Minute-Rule

An interesting perspective on life, the 30-minute-rule, is an awesome way of understanding your rational/irrational decisions. Ask yourself the following question before buying something: “Am I really going to use this item for more than 30 minutes a day? Is it that important for me?” If the answer is “yes,” buy it! Don’t overthink it. If the answer is “no,” then leave it be.

Take a look at your clothes, or your house. How many things do you actually need? How many of them are there only because at some point in life you thought they might be of use to you? Clean up your house and give away the things that you don’t necessarily need, and from now on, consider the 30-minute-rule every time you want to buy something new.

2. You’ll Get to Know Yourself Better

This might surprise you, but 98% of the people who shop excessively (or more than they should) are sad or frustrated with their lives. Sure, 72% of internet statistics are made up, but I think you can agree that people who constantly over-shop are trying to fill a void.

There is no shame in that – we tend to replace lack of happiness with things, so that we feel accomplished in the end. Sadly, shopping does nothing but amplifies your anger, and soon you feel like buying more and more. Anxiety spreads like a disease, so be careful about it. When buying something, always ask yourself “what is the reason of me buying this?”

By constantly analyzing your reaction to shopping, you understand what triggers you.

It is extremely important to do that nowadays – that makes the difference between intelligent purchasing and manipulated shoppers.

Understanding the psychological reasons behind your actions will help you make better choices.

3. You’ll Become Happier

When you know what triggers you and where your weak spots are, it is so much easier to avoid sadness.

Understanding your behavior is a big part of spiritual development, and it gives you the chance to live a happier life.

Avoiding places like malls or casinos is one example. If you know there’s no point in visiting those places and you understand how much it could hurt you, there is a higher chance you’ll take the right action.

These harmful routines can also be incorporated into our daily habits. For instance, if driving to work on Main St makes you want to stop at the corner mall, change the route. If you know that when you’re bored, you shop on Amazon, close your account! Do things that get you out of the comfort zone, and that help you in the same time.

Sometimes you have to make radical choices.

4. You Can Travel the World

Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences on this planet.

A friend once told me “Fill your life with experiences, not things. Do you want to have stories to tell or things to show? It’s your choice.” Cutting down on your expenses is going to make traveling an achievable target. Visiting Japan, Malaysia, and Costa Rica doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

It is not only about hitting the road. It is about the people that you meet, the experiences you keep, and the foods you taste. It’s about the backpacking stories that you hear, and the endless talks you have with new people.

Traveling is an extraordinary experience. Don’t let trivial things take that away from you!

Final Words

Cutting down expenses is smart, especially when you have a higher goal to reach.

Even if you don’t have a higher goal right now, there are still other better things you could purchase with that money.

Think twice before buying an object, apply the 30-minute-rule, and imagine that great Italian gelato you could have.

About the Author:
Robert Morris is a content marketing specialist and he works for the best essay writing services. He enjoys sharing his experience in digital marketing, SEO and productivity.