With the rise of prescription drugs every year, the cost of prescription drugs can be a great burden, especially when you are on a budget. Prescription drugs can be quite expensive and it doesn’t matter whether you have health insurance or not. You can cut a large amount off your next purchase if you know how you can get your prescription filled on a budget. Below is how to avoid spending more on your medication.

Find a Prescription Assistance Program

The cost of your prescriptions might be too high for you, but there are alternative programs that can help safeguard your health. Remember that if you have a prescription, you need to follow it to the latter. Find out if there are any hardship programs available in your area. Most of these prescription assistance programs can either provide the medication for free or at a reduced cost. Get in touch with organizations like rx solution that offer Prescription Assistance programs that provide free drugs, discount drugs as well as copay assistance.

Use Coupons

If you want to save some cash, request coupons and use them for your next purchase on your prescription. Confirm whether your doctor or pharmacist has any coupons or current offers for the prescriptions that you intend to buy. Also, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and check for any available coupons online. You can also make use of a discount card if you have one or ask your doctor to prescribe a 90 day supply. Doing so will save you money. All this will save you some cash, especially if you have no prescription coverage.

Go to Several Pharmacies

Similar to other products the cost of prescription differs from one pharmacy to another. Before getting your prescription filled, visit several pharmacies and checkout the different prices. You can either visit the pharmacies or make a call to find out which one has a price within your budget.

Go for Generic Drugs

Most medications have a generic alternative that IS usually lower priced compared to the original drugs. Some even sell as low as 80% less than the branded versions and still serve the purpose. While many people think that generic drugs are of lesser quality due to their cost, this is not the case. But, before getting your prescription, it is important to check whether the generic option meets the FDA requirements. In case you are doubtful, ask your doctor or pharmacist if the generic medication will address your condition.

Buy in Bulk

If you regularly purchase medication, buying in bulk might be the best option for you.  A 90-day prescription can sometimes cost less compared to a 30-day prescription. Apart from saving you some money, it will also reduce frequent visits to the pharmacy to get your prescription filled.

Find out if your doctor has samples of your prescription that he can give you to try out. This might reduce close to a month’s supply of a drug, free of charge. Pharmacies receive free samples from drug companies. If you can’t afford to get your prescription filled, it’s best to talk to your doctor. He might find a more affordable option for you to get the medication that you need.