Buying any kind of technology can prove to be an expensive business.

From a new phone to computers and kitchen appliances, the prices really can rack up and sometimes you’re resolved to just bite the bullet and splash the cash.

However, there are a number of possibilities on ways you can look to save your money that go beyond simply browsing through endless sale and clearance pages.

Refurbished Technology

Many retailers from smartphone hotshots Samsung and Apple, to big online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay offer departments dedicated to refurbished technology.

This includes laptops, mobile phones, as well as household appliances. Refurbished lines are largely those that have been traded in for cash by other customers, which are looked over and revamped to ensure they’re back to working to the highest specification.

Although quite literally ‘as good as new’, refurbished gadgets are always a reduced rate to their brand-new counterparts, so it’s always worth seeking out refurbished stock to see if its more in your price range. You can save nearly $95 off an iPhone 7 at Argos, like for like with 32GB of memory.

Find Ex-Display Lines

Particularly found in gym equipment and electronics like TVs, hidden between the inner depths of a clearance page you can sometimes find one specially curated with ex-display lines. Fitness Superstore for example have up to 80% knocked off the price of ex-display exercise machines.

These are electronics that have been used in-store to showcase what it can do and work as a way to sell said products to customers. Generally, these display items find their way to being reduced because they’re removed from in-store Point of Sale when later versions come out.

Admittedly, you may not be getting the very latest in technology, but you’re sure to find a considerably better cost for your wallet.

Look for Voucher Codes & Discounts

It’s always worth hitting pause before entering you card details and scouring the internet for money off deals. Your first point of call should be to check if there is newsletter deal. You can save anywhere from 5% to 20% off simply by signing up to their email list.

A lot of retailers also have sneakily hidden pages on their website dedicated to their current voucher codes. Currys regularly have up to $55 off fridge freezers when you meet a minimum spend. If your detective skills need some polishing though, you can always simply use a voucher code website.

Websites like My Favourite Voucher Codes curate pages of some of the most popular places to shop online and suss out all the latest sale pages and active discount codes so you don’t have to. Updated on a daily basis, you can bet if there isn’t a cracking deal there now, there will be.

Bundle & Cashback Deals

Although not specifically reducing the amount you pay, there are a number of bundle deals out there that can get you better value for your money. Often you can enjoy free gifts on top of your purchase.

Examples of this are a free pair of headphones with a handset or computer purchase. Selected TVs can also sometimes come with free accessories like speakers. You should also consider buying from retailers that offer cashback deals. Want to upgrade your washing machine?

Why not check out and see if you can’t trade in your old appliance and get a reduction on your upgrade of up to $270. Make your money stretch further and get the most out of your purchases.

Education Savings

If you’re a student or hold a teaching job you may be eligible for some incredible discounts. Apple is known for it’s incredible Education Store, cutting the prices of their sleek technology and offering other incredible perks.

Computers and tablets are essential for when it gets down to studying or prepping lesson plans, so you can look to save 10% off these investments. When upgrading your phone, why not look to see which providers offer cuts on airtime? Or what about software for your computer?

From streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video to getting down to the nitty gritty with the complete Office 365 package, there are discounts a plenty for when you need to commit to your education.

Payment Plans

We’re a generation pent up on having the latest gadgets, but admittedly sometimes we can’t afford them upfront. Thankfully there are a lot of plans in place meaning you can pay off a little bit each month depending on where you shop. From pay monthly phone contracts to upgrade plans meaning you’ll always have the latest smartphone in hand. There are also a number of 0% interest credit payments across all online shopping. Whatever you’re buying, it’s worth looking at the options disposable to you. This doesn’t just include phones, but also computers and any other electronics you might be looking to buy. Retailers appreciate it can be a big investment, so there are plans in place to assist.

Follow these tips and you can make your money stretch further and get more bang for your buck. Never be without the technology you want. Always have the latest iPhone and ensure you can afford to replace your appliances when they break at the most inconvenient of times. Knowing the secrets of the trade make it all that much easier.