So you’re in a new office. Or you just want to redecorate.

Either way, you want to save some money on the furniture.

We all want to save money, but we also want to appear professional.

There’s a balance, and you don’t have to bankrupt yourself to get that balance. Here are some simple things to know when shopping for office furniture, and how to save money in the process…

First Things First

Before you start spending, get a budget together. You should have a good idea of what you need to spend before you spend anything.

Take measurements of your office, and decide what fits. Once you’ve got the measurements, make a list of every piece of furniture you want.

The idea is to be intentional about each piece.

Once you’ve got that list, you’ll want furniture that lasts if you plan to be in the office for a while. Nobody wants to replace furniture every year. It’s more work, and you’ll end up spending more in the long run.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Do you need a mat for your chair? What about a rug for the entryway?

The small expenses add up, and forgetting to include them in your budget can bust it.

Even the little things like office supplies, a coffee maker, and plants need to be in the budget. Think of it as a total budget. It’s not just about furniture.

Once you’ve taken the proper steps, it’s time to buy.

Shop Around (But Not Too Much)

You want the best price. That means price comparison is a must.

Do you plan to buy the furniture locally or online? Possibly a mix? Some things are better purchased online, while others should be purchased at a store.

You have plenty of resources online, which will come in handy if your local options are limited. If you live in the States, you likely have plenty of local options, and endless online options. If you live in the UK, Furniturebox is a great resource.

You’ll want to shop around, but you don’t want to put too many hours into it. Sometimes you can save more of your time, even if you could have gotten a better deal, just by comparing a few places and making the decision.

When you’re making the decision, choose a style that lasts.

Go for a Timeless Style

Fancy furniture and crazy colors are cool… now. But that may not be the case later. If you go for a timeless style, high quality furniture can last a career, or at least much of it.

Neutral colors and simple designs will win out in the end.

Keep it simple and open.

Bulky furniture, like the following example, will always look cluttered, even when your desk is clean:

save money office furniture

You’ll enjoy your work space more if it’s open.

It will also create a more timeless look.

Go for something that gives you room to breathe. Something like this:

Doesn’t that just feel better?

You may want to have a desk that faces the door, but just keep it open. It will be more inviting, and provide a cleaner look.

There’s nothing wrong with extra storage, but we tend to store things we don’t need in the first place, so less storage means less space for storing clutter.

If you need more storage than an open desk offers, consider getting a cabinet, or a bookshelf. That keeps the clutter off your desk and out of your sight while you’re working.

Keeping a clutter-free work environment will not only lead to higher quality work, but it will boost your mood and make you happier while you’re doing the work.

Final Words

It’s not difficult to find high quality furniture for a decent price, but it does involve a little work on your part.

The steps are simple: prepare, shop around, and buy timeless furniture.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Don’t buy new office furniture just to buy it, but if you really think you need it, or if you’re in a new space and you literally need it, shop intelligently.

Be intentional about what you buy, and you won’t have to buy anything else for a while.