Note From Kalen: This is a topic that has definitely not been covered on MoneyMiniBlog before…probably because I haven’t had someone qualified to write about it.  Now I do.  Samantha knows the ins and outs of safaris and here she is to tell you how to do it on a budget…

Going on a safari is not your typical traveling experience. It requires a lot of saving and planning in order for you to get the full experience from your trip. Often travelers tend to set their expectations high, and this is not to say you should set yourself up for an unsatisfactory trip, but people often underestimate the amount of research it takes before you go on a safari.

The planning stage is without a doubt the single most important aspect of a safari. It is a good idea to talk to safari experts who can share their experience and knowledge with you. You will be able to discuss budget and an all-round outline of your trip so you have an understanding of what to expect for your money. Before putting down money for a deposit you should make sure you are completely happy with the arrangements of your safari trip.

When should you Travel?

Traveling in low season is a great way to get the most out of your money. If you are flexible with the time of year you travel you be at a great advantage as many safari lodges offer very reasonable low season rates.

Have Realistic Goals

Do not threat! It is possible to go on your dream safari without the daunting thought of your money disintegrating. You will just need to think thrifty. You should begin by thinking small. This is where, as mentioned before, research is important. You should study the area you hope to be visiting in great detail. This can give you information about saving on accommodation. Buying your safari as a holiday package (flights, transfers, accommodation and safari included) often work out cheaper depending on the time of year.

Bring Some Friends

Joining a group is another way to budget. Group trips can work out much cheaper and often safari companies run tours for up to eight people and this can dramatically reduce costs for single people or couples. The more people you get involved in your safari plans generally works out cheaper for you.

Choosing a safari company that has a good reputation and a bunch of experts who can advise you on everything from safety to the best camps and lodges is key. As mentioned before, safaris are not cheap and this is why you should know exactly what you are paying for.

Be Alternative

Those of you with a great sense of adventure and independence may want to appreciate a safari alone. This way you can save on travel and even hire a car. Another way of cutting costs is by going on a safari that is not popular, for example a Gorilla Safari. Because of the unpopularity of a place or safari type you can save yourself a lot of money.

Going on a safari is a once in a lifetime experience that guarantees satisfaction to anyone who is lucky enough to experience one. It is more about being in the midst of it all and you can be certain to have a life changing experience by going on a safari.

About the Author:
Samantha is travel planner for she describes herself as an animal loving, baking fanatic and horror film nerd, she is passionate about sharing her suggestions and tips with a wider audience online and enjoys writing articles that reach out to the readers.