The ongoing pandemic has shifted the internet use and forced more people to work online. With the need for social distance and avoiding crowds, schools have opened online classes as an alternate while institutions opt for workers to work from home. The increased usage necessitates a high-speed internet connection, and a powerful router for many network devices.

This high demand and consumption rate, coupled with high internet bills, can become a lot to bear. So how can you lower your internet bills while still getting the proper connection you need? Below are some tips to enable you access to a steady network while lowering your internet bill.

1. Stop renting your router and buy your own

You can pay 10 dollars upwards every month to rent a router from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). What pay them when you can save in the long-term if you buy your own router. In a matter of months, you will have your own router that enables you to easily change service providers and access cheaper rates from others without returning the router.

Having your router improves your bargaining power as you have no attachment to the service provider and can quickly terminate their rental services. However, ensure to inquire from your ISP before purchase to know if they offer troubleshooting services, have the desired speed, and if there’s any compatibility issues with your router.

2. Lower your speed

You pay a lot to use a higher speed, which you may not even need. If you are a light internet user who requires it for occasional online streaming, attending Zoom meetings and enabling the children to attend classes, you might get away with opting for fewer Mbps. Research to know how many Mbps you need to run your household.

You can ask your ISP about your usage and the various speeds they offer, possibly eliminating the need for a higher data package.

3. Window shop for affordable plans

Before settling on your service provider, research ISP offerings in your area. Compare their prices to see who offers a better deal for the internet connection you want. Window shopping increases your choice and ensures you get a better deal.

If you’re dead set on a specific ISP that may not be the cheapest, you can use your negotiating skills to try to get a great price. Inform the service provider on what their competitors offer and use that as a basis to try to get the price you want.

4. Bundle services

Bundling your internet phone and TV bills will see you get discounts and lower your internet bills. Check around for various providers in your area and see which bundled service will best serve your needs. Before signing a contract, ensure you understand it fully and are getting value for your money. Opt for shorter contracts or trial periods to ascertain that what they promised is delivered.

5. Share internet connection

If you live in a building, you can share your internet with your neighbor or friend and split the bill. This act will reduce your internet bill by half and enable you to enjoy the speed you desire. If you are downgrading due to the strict time-sharing, your internet will allow you to relive the burden and maintain your internet connection.

Ensure you have an agreement on the payment terms before you start the arrangement.

Use Wireless Boosters to help gain more coverage.

6. Rely on Wi-Fi everywhere (phone users)

This feature enables you to cut down your data usage by downloading stuff only when you are on Wi-Fi. By relying on Wi-Fi to download, the amount of data you use reduces lowering your internet bill. Change your phone settings to ensure you maximize on free Wi-Fi from restaurants, libraries, and buildings.

Final Words

The internet is essential to enable you to communicate and carry out your day to day activities and stay connected with your family during this time.

Since we are mostly online, ensure you opt for an internet connection that is manageable by choosing one that fits your needs and is in your price range.