When it comes to purchasing an automobile, it is always best to see it as an investment.

There will be numerous expenditures after buying the vehicle, with repairs being an inevitable part of this. With this in mind, it is particularly important to consider this when browsing for a used car – it could be very easy to pick one that will constantly be in and out of the garage.

This is particularly true when you consider the number of fraudulent sellers out there.

Picking Out a Reliable Automobile

So, how can you go about choosing a used car that won’t cost you a fortune in garage bills? It can be tricky to eyeball unreliable cars yourself, which is just one reason why you should always get an HPI vehicle checker carried out. An HPI Check provides a deep insight into the car’s history – this will raise any serious issues such as whether or not it was stolen, but it is also invaluable for determining the overall condition of the automobile.

Here are a few ways that a check will help you to find a reliable vehicle:

MOT History

Where possible, these checks will provide you with information from the DVLA from each MOT. This will highlight any serious or recurring issues that you need to know about (an untrustworthy seller may attempt to conceal this information).


The check will also make sure that the car in question has not previously been marked as scrapped by the DVLA. These automobiles should not be for sale and they are incredibly dangerous to drive.


Similarly, these checks will look to see if the car has previously been declared a total loss by an insurance company. It is not illegal to salvage and sell previously written-off automobiles, but they can be very unsafe to drive and most motorists would steer clear of them despite their low price tags. The seller is not obliged to disclose this information, so you should always ask and make sure with an HPI Check.


These checks also allow you to avoid common scams like buying a cut n shut – this is two or more automobiles that have been assembled into one car. Needless to say, these are incredibly dangerous and may cost a fortune in repairs.

Overall, an HPI Check will ensure that you are not investing in an automobile which is likely to break down as soon as you get behind the wheel. This could save you a fortune in the long run whilst ensuring that you get a clear overview of the automobile’s history and avoid scams.