When the summer holiday’s come around – there can be a lot of pressure on parents to make sure that they have booked the perfect holiday and to ensure their kids have a good time.  This can be difficult if you are on a budget and can add a lot of stress and worry to proceedings. If you are planning on a trip with the kids but don’t want to break the bank, we have come up with some ideas to save some cash.

Create a Budget

The best way to not overspend is to have a budget in place.  Create a budget and this will give you a much better idea as to what you can spend when you get there on food, drink and excursions.  You could have it where there is a set amount you can spend across the whole holiday, or else a daily amount. 

Get a Smart Water Bottle

When you are on holiday and the weather is hot, you of course need to stay hydrated.  This can sometimes mean that you spend a lot of money on bottled water particularly if there isn’t fresh, clean water readily available.  This can be a little on the expensive side in some supermarkets.  Instead you could make the investment in water bottles that have their own filtration system for the family.  These are becoming must-have travel items as they filter over 99.9% of any contaminants that you may find in water. It also means if the kids are thirsty, you can make sure they get their drinks quickly.

Pack your Own Meals

It can be all too tempting to eat out a lot when you are on holiday.  Sometimes people enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner out.  If you are out and about during the day – why not get some local produce such as bread, cold meats and make your own packed lunch?  This can save you lots of money when you are out – and means you can spend much more time on activities and sight-seeing.  If you have a balcony or area in your hotel – you could even prepare a buffet or picnic and treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine al-fresco. 

Ask the Locals

If you do want to eat out – ask the locals where their regular hang-outs are.  They are likely to know the best places to go that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  Usually the reception staff at your hotel are incredibly helpful and will be able to give you some suggestions.  Either that or make some friends when you are sight-seeing or having a drink or snack and find out what their experiences have been.  It’s also a good way to make sure that you are having an authentic experience. 

Book Transport to and From Airports Well in Advance

There are some great car parking options at Heathrow Airport that can save you money on taxis and transfers.  Check out the Official Heathrow Airport Parking options well in advance for some good deals.  Heathrow Airport Parking Terminal 5 services are incredibly popular and don’t cost a lot.  This website has more information.  Make sure you look into how you get to your hotel once you arrive at your destination too.  Check out the public transport links or do your research on local companies.

Take your Own Food Essentials

When you are creating your holiday checklist – don’t forget the food essentials that may cost you a lot more when you get there.  If there is room in your suitcase, fill it up with the likes of tea bags, crisps, sweets, coffee etc.  Not only will it be more cost-effective – but will come in incredibly handy if you are in need of a snack on your travels.  You can even take some tea bags with you and ask for hot water when you are out and about. 

Make your Own Mini Toiletries

Even if mini toiletries look cute, they do tend to cost a lot for what you get.  It’s a convenience product that people tend to pick up as an impulse purchase, so they can afford to charge a bit more.  Before you go spending your money on these, buy the standard version that you would for your home and get some empty smaller bottles to put your toiletries in.  This will only take you a couple of minutes and will save you some money.  Before you do that, make sure you rummage your case and see if you can find any leftover minis from your last hotel stay. 

If you are struggling to make sure that you can enjoy a great holiday within a budget, then hopefully these tips will help.