These are some little-known and some often forgotten ways to get cheap books and even free books. Reading is one of the most productive ways to pass the time and as they say:

Leaders are readers

Read on for 4 ways to get cheap books and free books!

1. Your Book May Already Be Free!

Before you buy a book, make sure it is not already free online. Many books that are in the public domain are available online for free. has a huge selection of books and audio books for free. is a great resource for free books from rising authors.

If you plan to just read the book one time, why not use the library? It’s a great resource that’s often forgotten about.

2. Instead of Buying, Try Swapping

If you just read books one time, there are many great services for book swapping. Book swapping is where you swap books with other people; basically everyone shares books. What a great idea!

Here are some of the most popular book swapping websites:

3. Get the Most out of Used Book Stores

Used books stores and thrift stores are a great place to find cheap books, but they can be overwhelming.

The best way to maximize your time in used books store is to create a list of all the books you are currently looking for and start search for them. To make sure you always have your list, it’s best to keep it on your phone for easy access.

You also have the authority to bargain for a lower price at these stores. They may not be able to lower the price, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

4. Buy Cheap Books Online

We all know that is a great place for cheap books, but don’t forget to also try other websites. Check eBay every time you buy a book to compare prices. There is a new eBay company called that is best when searching for books on eBay.

You can always search the internet for coupon codes to get discounts and free shipping. Just type in the name of the website (i.e. Amazon) then type in coupon code or promo code and see what you can find. It’s worth a try.

Don’t forget bookstore websites such as:

There are so many ways to buy cheap books and get free books online, so there is no reason to buy books without shopping around. Check out the websites in this post and save money on books!