Shopping online is so much easier and more convenient than buying stuff in a store. The only problem is the endless choice of online retailers you have, which makes finding the best deals a little awkward sometimes. If you know a few simple tips, though, you can easily sniff out the best online deals.

Use Price Comparison Websites

There was a time when price comparison websites were in their infancy and we were all flabbergasted that some genius had managed to pull the concept out of thin air. Today, however, there is an endless procession of price comparison websites available, enabling you to compare prices on anything from a new computer to your car insurance.

As well as price comparison websites, many online retailers, such as Amazon, make it easy for you to compare the prices and specifications of many of their products. However, if you use Amazon regularly then this Chrome extension makes it easy to compare the prices of any products that you find on the e-commerce titan’s platform.

Check Out JustFreebies

What’s better than finding cheap products and deals online? Free stuff, of course! If you are suspicious of anyone claiming to offer you free stuff – good for you, you should be. However, you can trust in part because they have a solid reputation as a website dedicated to sharing free stuff, but also because Just Freebies is upfront and open about where their products are coming from.

For many of their freebies, you will need to register with a particular website or perform another simple task. It’s not quite something for nothing, but it is something for virtually nothing and definitely beats paying full price.

Look For Coupons

Before you make any online purchases, it is always worth searching to see if any coupon codes are available. This is a tip that will serve you well whether you’re looking online for a new set of art supplies or ordering a pizza, it really doesn’t matter. If you know which retailer you will be using to order stuff online, you can easily Google their name and the word ‘coupons’ to see if there are any available deals.

There are also a number of websites dedicated to online coupons. If you are just generally looking for some deals to snap up, these websites are an excellent place to begin your search. They will take a lot of the usual difficulty out of the process, and save you a lot of time.

Check Out the Free Shipping

Many online retailers will offer their customers free shipping, under certain circumstances anyway. If you are considering ordering products from a number of different websites, have a look to see if you could order some of them from the same retailer in order to take advantage of their free shipping. Lots of retailers will only offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money, so this can sometimes make a big difference.

Search eBay

Whenever you want to buy something online, ask yourself whether you need to buy it new or whether you could make do with a second-hand version. If you can live with a used version of the product, this is an easy way of greatly reducing the costs involved. eBay is still one of the best places to buy second-hand stuff, although you can also find used versions of most Amazon products.

When you are searching through eBay for bargains, a simple trick you can use is to try searching for a slightly misspelled name. For example, sometimes you can search for “Intendo” instead of “Nintendo” and find listings that no one else has seen because of the misspelling.

Once you have worked out a routine for finding the best deals whenever you shop online, you won’t ever have to overpay for a product again. There are always good deals out there to be had, you just need to find them.