Even though many people in countries like Australia and USA are taking the online route to buy auto parts, there is no dearth of myths when it comes to online purchase. In this article, we examine some of the common misconceptions about buying auto parts online.

Myth #1: Online products are inferior to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

Fact:  OEM parts need not necessarily be better in quality.

Although the manufacturers might claim otherwise, the auto parts bought online are not inferior to the original parts. Often, the vehicle manufacturers source the auto parts from different suppliers and sell them under their own brand name. So, the chances are high that the auto parts sold online are also made by the same maker who supplies that specific part to the carmaker. If it is a different manufacturer, then, it does not mean that his products are inferior to the OEM parts. On the other hand, if you choose to buy these parts online, you could get the same product at a lower price.

Myth #2: The warranty of new car becomes void if an aftermarket part is installed

Fact:  In the USA, the customer gets protection through The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which makes sure that the warranty cannot be denied due to the use of aftermarket products. In Australia, the Trade Practices Amendment (Australian Consumer Law) Bill (No. 2) 2010 offer protection to the customer and stops the manufacturers from voiding your warranty. These laws expressly state that the warranty of a product does not become void due to the use of replacement parts. Thus, the validity of the warranty is not dependent on the parts supplied by authorised dealers or manufacturers.

Myth #3: Service centres or repair shops won’t install parts which have been purchased online

Fact:  Most service centres and repair shops will install the parts purchased online.

Although the sale of spare parts is a means of earning profit, the present day service centres understand that the customer outlook has changed. Hence, most of them are willing to install parts purchased online or from other stores. Nevertheless, it would be wise to check with the service centre in advance, if they are willing to install parts bought online.

Myth #4: Never buy remanufactured, repaired or used parts.

Fact:  Sometimes, new parts may not be readily available. Then the only alternative is to go for used, remade or repaired parts.

These parts may not be new, but they are disassembled, cleaned, and tuned to perform like new. They come with warranty too. This could be the option if you are looking for a part of an old car not in production right now.

Myth #5: Online purchase does not entertain bargaining.

Fact:  It is possible to bargain while purchasing online too. In fact, it is easier to compare prices in case of online purchase. For instance, if you know that the  Bridgestone tyre prices quoted by a particular seller are higher than that of another, you can bargain and bring the price down.

Now that you have busted the myths, go ahead and place that online order you’ve always wanted to…

About the Author:
Jet Flora is a car enthusiast and an artist for fun. You can check his other articles about car/auto on Tyroola, where he shares his know-how tips and guides for drivers and car owners.