Previously, one-way flight tickets came at an expensive rate costing the same as roundtrip tickets. But not anymore after some flight search engines have come up with formulas to offer one-way cheap international flight.

Is getting two one-way tickets cheaper than getting one roundtrip ticket when traveling to other countries? Certainly, no. It’s always cheaper to book roundtrip rather than booking two separate trips when flying internationally.

Why are One-Way International Flights Costly?

One-way tickets are expensive because business travelers are the most common market for this type of flight because they usually fly by combining trips. Another reason is that it is not conducive for airlines since it disrupts their travel schedules.

Just imagine if one-way flights are cheaper than roundtrip flights, no one is going to book roundtrip flights. The trick is for airlines to get more revenue out of the small volume of people booking one-way international flights who are not yet decided when to return.

Airlines know that people booking one-way flights are willing to spend more even if it is higher than roundtrips because they need it. Business people who aren’t yet decided when to return due to their business obligations are the most common passengers for this type of flight.

There are ways on how you can find affordable one-way international flights if you are not yet returning soon, or you don’t have a date yet to book your next flight. Check it below:

1. Get a Changeable Ticket

You can get a changeable ticket if you aren’t sure yet when you’ll be returning so that you can still alter the date when you are ready to travel back. All you have to do is to call the airline to confirm your return ticket.  

For example, if you are flying from Australia to London, you can book a roundtrip changeable ticket if you don’t know yet when you are returning. Using this kind of ticket can provide you a cheaper rate rather than booking two one-way flights.

Changeable tickets have an expiration. You must be aware of the date of the expiration to avoid issues during your travel. Moreover, there are also extra fees when changing the dates of your travel which can add to your ticket cost.

2. Search for Nearby Airports

If you need a one-way ticket only, but you find it hard to get cheap tickets from your target airport, why not look into other nearby airports? It’s easier to find cheaper deals if you’re going to expand your options.

Don’t concentrate on one airport alone. Usually, some nearby airports offer lower one-way international flights.

3. Get a Throwaway Ticket

If you only need a one-way ticket but booking it is more expensive than a roundtrip ticket, then book a roundtrip flight. It is not advisable by airlines.

However, if you are left with no choice, you can take the outbound flight only and not use the return flight. Just be aware that you shouldn’t do this often because there are some consequences if airlines spot you doing it frequently.

They can totally ban you from using their airline, cancel your flyer miles, or charge you with a penalty. Before making any booking changes, make sure that you know the rules.

4. Be Flexible

Oftentimes, when people search for flights, they follow these steps:

  • Choosing a destination.
  • Choosing the flight dates.
  • Check for prices of flight tickets.

However, if you want to find a cheap one-way international flight, you need to prioritize the flight ticket price. The destination and dates should follow. It can save you a huge amount of dollars if you are flexible. You need to check on more than one date to get the best flight one-way deal.

5. Don’t Travel During Peak Season

This is basic knowledge for travelers not to buy tickets during the peak season. For instance, avoid traveling to Europe and North America on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and peak summer months as these are the most expensive ones. Instead of travel from January to mid-May and September to early December.

It is always key to book early. Domestic flights must be booked 1 to 3 months ahead while international flights must be booked 2 to 8 months in advance.