Our car is only as good as what we invest in it.

Whether you have future plans to trade or sell it, keeping your ride at its best shape will truly pay off in the long run.

The moment you first bought your car, you have already entered into a commitment of paying everything needed to keep it running smooth, starting with the car insurance, the gas, and all the preventive maintenance necessary. Whether we like it or not, machines are bound to deteriorate over time. But keeping your ride in great shape will truly help you avoid the expensive repairs and make your car last longer.

There are many ways you can care for your vehicle at home without the need to go to an auto shop from time to time. Besides, as long as you can do minor repairs and maintenance then you don’t need to spend a lot of money to pay for the extra services.

Learn How to Maintain Your Auto’s Paint, Glass, and Windshields

We all want to avoid the costly replacements and repairs, right? Nobody wants to buy a car and expects to spend a huge sum of money for repairs you could have prevented. Truth be told, caring for your vehicle should start with you.

If your car is shiny and properly maintained both in the inside and outside, then I’m pretty sure you would end up happier. Some of the things you can do at home to care for your car are the following:

  • Cleaning your car windows appropriately. We all want to brag our shiny and streak-free cars on the road. Whether you believe it or not, it is possible to make your car look perfect right at the comfort of your home. However, take note that you may find some online guides which suggest using ordinary cleaning agents found in your kitchen.

car care tips save money

I do not really recommend these since they are not designed for cars and may cause undesirable results, causing you to spend more money instead to correct the damage. You can check out the best way to clean car windows and paint to know the appropriate car products to use.

  • Keeping your car free from stains and water spots. Hard water spots and stains that are allowed to sit longer on your auto’s paint may become more difficult to remove in the long run. Keeping your car on top shape includes maintaining your auto’s paint to make it shine and last longer.

Removing unsightly stains and water marks is actually not a complicated process as long as you do it appropriately.

Know the Basic Technicalities of your Car

As the master of your own machine, you ought to understand the basic technicalities of your auto.

But this does not mean you have to go deeper into knowing the system.

A car is a complex machine, but knowing the basic functionalities will help you know if there are existing problems and immediately come up with appropriate solutions for minor repairs you can do on your own.

Understand Warning Signs and How to Do Minor Repairs

Instead of calling a mechanic to do the minor fix, you can do the repair at home and save a lot of money. Professionals sometimes may charge you too much for the same outcomes you could have done by yourself. These repairs may include:

  • Fixing a car alarm that keeps going off. Does your car recently misbehave for no good reason? An alarm that won’t stop could be a sign of faulty sensors, key fob not working properly, or an overly sensitive sensor that reacts with trucks passing by or your furry friends brushing against your auto’s side door. There are actually easy steps you can follow to fix the problem immediately; otherwise you will have to keep your neighbors awake all night and wait for a mechanic to stop the nuisance.
  • How to troubleshoot warning lights that illuminate on your dashboard. Warning lights illuminating on your dashboard is a way of telling you that something is not right. This should not be taken for granted to avoid further damage to your car’s system, or even an accident.

troubleshoot warning lights that illuminate on your dashboard

For example, the common warning may be a check engine light that is turned on. And even if you have already solved the issue, there are times when the warning light still shows off on the dashboard. If you know how to reset the check engine light, then this problem can be fixed right away without being assisted by a professional.

  • Testing the car battery. Another reason why your car may misbehave or give warning signs is a draining battery. If you have the basic knowledge on how to test a car battery, then you can immediately determine if you need to replace your car’s batteries. Some of the warning signs you need to look after including a check engine light turned on, an engine that takes longer than normal to start, a swelling battery case, battery leakage, and low battery fluid level.

test car battery

Checking your car batteries at least once a year is highly recommended. Besides, you don’t want your batteries to be totally flat in the middle of nowhere. Testing and caring for your car batteries will help increase its lifespan and thus save you a few bucks.

Visit Your Most Trusted Repair Shop for Serious Car Issues

There are times when car issues arise out of nowhere and the solutions are just beyond our capabilities. This time, you need to schedule a visit to your most trusted repair shop to have your car checked by a professional.

A maintenance schedule will also help not to compromise your safety while driving your vehicle. Some of the problems that might arise include deep cracks on your windshields, deep marks and scratches on your auto’s paint, serious engine problems, and faulty car systems that can’t be fixed with basic repairs. 

Final Words

Keeping your car looking great and functioning smoothly requires simple maintenance you can do at home. Moreover, we may not realize that some car issues we encounter require only a few simple fix.

Minor problems that are taken for granted for a long time can turn into serious problems that will not only bring you troubles but also cost you a lot of money. However, for serious car issues, a professional help is recommended. Do all of these and I’m very sure you will make your car last as long as you want to, without the need to drain your pocket.

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