Children can be expensive. Of course, they are worth the time and money you must invest to keep them happy, but it doesn’t change the fact that finding that money to keep them comfortable and happy and still pay bills is no easy task. Your money must first go towards food for them and your family, then bills, then necessities – but what about toys?

Toys are necessary for enrichment and developing a child’s mind, but toys might seem like they will not fit into your budget. However, this is not true. There are tons of toys and do it yourself solutions to provide entertainment and enrichment to your child’s life without breaking the bank. Here are just a few examples of affordable toys.

1. Ice Ring Teethers

There are lots of teething toys out there for when babies start teething, but one of the cheapest and most popular are ice ring teethers. Just stick them in the freezer, and hen one is ready, allow your baby to chew on it – it will strengthen their incoming teeth and soothe their sore gums at the same time! Luckily, these rings are quite cheap, come in bright colors, and usually come in multipacks, so you can always have a back up ready when one thaws out.

2. Building Blocks

Building blocks help them understand spatial reasoning and also help with their motor skills and coordination. You can find all sorts of different block colors, designs, and materials. Or, if you are creative enough and have the right tools, you can even create blocks yourself!

However, to be completely sure the materials are baby safe, it is better to purchase from a store. Always be sure to buy blocks that are large enough that your baby cannot fit them in their mouth or choke on them.

3. Bumpy Ball

The Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball is a seemingly simple toy that can help a child expand their mind. With lots of bright colors, different textures, and a soft filling, the ball allows babies and toddlers to really engage with their sense of sight and touch. There is also a rattle inside, to interact with sound. The ball can even double as a teething toy if rings are not your style. The ball is usually found for under $10.

4. Musical Toys

Baby Einstein specifically offers a few different musical toy options to open up your baby’s mind and engage with their creativity through music. One of the cheapest is the Take Along Tunes toy, which has an easy handle and lots of bright colors and buttons to entertain your child and engage their senses while working with the “right brain”, so to speak. This toy is cheap and portable and features a number of classical pieces of music that you can expose your child to at a young age.

5. Stuffed Animals

As long as the animal does not have any small pieces or tags that could present a danger, there is no way to go wrong with a soft, plushy stuffed animal for your baby. Often, babies find their proximity soothing and warm, and a soft texture can help lull your child to a restful sleep. You can find nearly any animal, even fantasy creatures, from nearly any store. Prices vary by store and size, but you can easily find affordable options almost anywhere.

Final Words

Keeping your baby entertained and allowing them to interact with the world via play time does not have to break the bank. Know your budget and your options, and you can find everything your baby could want to broaden their horizons without hurting your finances.