Writing essays is an indispensable academic activity. By the time you are through with college studies, chances are always high that a student would have written hundreds of essays stretching back to high school days. But while it remains something you must do to excel in studies, not every student has what it takes to craft top quality papers. For some, difficult times call for measures such as paying for thesis help and that’s okay.

However, it is not every day that teachers assign take-away essay assignments. How then do you cope with situations like being asked to craft an essay during classroom lessons? Will you ask a friend sitting nearby to help? The catch here is that whichever way you look at it, every student must learn how to craft top quality essays. You cannot always depend on a custom writing service or a freelance writer to do the dirty work. This post explores six steps to help you write better. Take a look.

1. Understand essay writing prompts

Essay prompts are also known as essay question. The begging question therefore is do you always jump into writing or take your time to understand the basics? Many students would say they hardly spend time analyzing or understanding a topic. And if you ask an expert, he or she will tell you that it is one of the main reasons students why students fail to get good grades. Understand what essay questions require- is it an opinion, stats or citation?

2. Write a strong thesis statement

While you can always write an essay with thesis statement at the back of your mind, the most important thing to do is write it down. Most importantly, write it down concisely so that it guides your writing. You don’t want to veer off the topic and still expect good grades.

3. Work with an appropriate outline

Writing an essay can be difficult if you cannot figure out its head or tail before starting. It is why, step three after understanding a prompt and with a thesis statement ready is having a writing plan. It guides your plot and flow of ideas.

4. Mind your sources

If an essay writing prompt requires you to cite sources and include stats, you’ve got to do it like a scholar. Steer clear of rumour mills. Rather, make use of acceptable sources for academic papers such as peer reviewed journals, academic books and other reputed publications. You need this information before you can put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper.

5. Write naturally

You can write great essays like some of the world’s renowned authors. However, when you try to sound like Stephen King, you lose your voice. Every essayist must aim to have a unique voice with which readers can identify. Therefore, don’t run the risk of sounding artificial when you are only a thought away from being unique and original.

6. Proofread and edit your essay

The last step is that no matter how good an essayist you are or how dependable sources of information are, you must proofread and edit your essay. A few misspellings and grammar mistakes can be costly on your grades.

Final Words

Finally, practice should be your everyday activity if you want to become a top essayist. Be on the lookout for conjunctions and how you use punctuation marks. Also take note that the more you read, the better essayist you become.