You want to be productive. You’re always striving to be more productive.

You read articles and books on productivity, and you’re constantly improving.

Yet, you always feel like you could be doing and achieving more. That’s called a growth mindset.

You want to be the best you possible. You want to accomplish amazing things. And you will.

But you have to take a break. Studies show that more breaks equals more productivity.

Seriously. Take a break.

Go spend time with your family and friends and don’t feel guilty about it.

Remember this: life isn’t always about efficiency, it’s about efficacy.

Efficacy: noun – the ability to produce a desired or intended result.

If you set out to relax all day today, and you do that, you’ve achieved your goal. And improved your productivity.

That may not be “efficient,” but you did what you set out to do. Plan your life in that way.

So take a day off, and remember to do this frequently. Take one day off a week from everything and just relax. Take at least one week off a year (preferably two or three), and watch your overall productivity skyrocket.

Definitely take today off.

Happy Thanksgiving! Relax.