Do you remember missing out on an opportunity due to your lack of self-esteem? Have you experienced turning into a sweating, stuttering mess during a job interview? Does your mind black out when asked a simple question? Have you utterly bombed the interview, even though you’re sure you’re perfect for the job?

Have you stammered your way through a conversation with someone you like, and known right away that you probably blew it?

Perhaps, one of the most important things you can do for your personal growth is to improve your self-esteem. You’ll find that everything else in life will be much more pleasant when you have high self-confidence.

Don’t miss out on a potentially life-changing opportunity again! Read on to learn the 3 easy steps to boosting confidence.

1. Seek Your Counsel

Building self-esteem starts with seeking your counsel when it comes to how you view yourself. This is because no matter how hard you try in building your self-esteem, people or circumstances will always seek to bulldoze your self-confidence.

Remember that even the most amazing personalities in the world usually get other people’s thumbs down. What sets a person with unwavering self-confidence apart is that he always remembers to seek his counsel above all else’s. They don’t care about exterior circumstances or the validations of other people.

Here’s a TIP: Take note of how often you let exterior circumstances or other people’s judgments little by little wreck your self-confidence. This should give you the power to stop this self-limiting pattern and become a better person.

2. Have a Definite Purpose

It’s important to have a definite purpose on which you can exert your efforts on because it is the very foundation of unshakable self-esteem. How does a definite purpose help?

It helps you become more strong-willed, which tells people that you have self-confidence as solid as a rock. Try to remember people are known for being insecure.

They are also known for being indecisive about what they want. Now, you may think to find a definite purpose sounds like Mission Impossible 4, but once you start seeking your counsel, you’d be surprised at how easy it is. You will also be able to tune out any “noise” which might distract you.

Here’s a TIP: Why don’t you start keeping a daily journal so you can jot down questions and thoughts about what your definite purpose may be. You don’t need to answer any of them at first, just write down the statements that pop into your head at that time. Doing this will help you clear up your mind, and you’ll be able to come up with a better picture of what your definite purpose is.

3. Change Your Inner Dialog

Your self-confidence is the product of the way you interact with yourself. Try to think about how easily you can shatter someone else’s confidence just by saying certain things to them, or how fast you can boost confidence with just the right words.

It is also true with the way you talk to yourself, but this time, it’s more extreme since you’re stuck to hearing yourself talk 24/7. This is the reason why changing your inner dialogue using positive affirmations are the most potent way to start improving your self-esteem. The simplest way to enhance your positive statements is to try to talk to yourself the way you speak to a friend to help them boost their confidence.

Just write down those words and read them to yourself. Out loud. Every day. The first time when you wake up and a second time before you go to bed. If you want quick results, look at your reflection while you do it, and look yourself straight in the eye.

Now that you know what to do put these tips to good use. The next thing you’ll know, you’ll be building self-esteem which will help you utilize your talents and skills which you have had for years.