Fighting procrastination is not only important for your studies.

You are going to be distracted throughout your life.

Marketing companies spend their working week finding new ways to distract you.

Here are a few productivity apps that will help you right now in the moment, and they will help you get into the habit of fighting procrastination.

1. Habitica

Get rid of your old habits and play life like a game. You get rewards if you do well and punishments if you do poorly. It can be used on the Android and iOS operating system. It helps you develop habits, which is one of the easiest and long-lasting ways to improve yourself. If you can build a positive habit, then you will do good things without having to think about it.

2. Todoist

This is similar to the “To Do List” app, but the developers have tried to angle this app as more of a task-tracking app. You may use it online, on your Android device and your iOS device. Todoist allows you to program multiple lists, plus it lets you set up recurring tasks. You can share tasks and objectives with other people and collaborate to get more done with your day.

3. MindGenius

With this tool, you may manage your workload and set up a schedule so you do not miss your classes. You can take notes and conduct your research so you may excel with your academic projects. It makes your planning process more efficient and helps you become more productive. It allows you to visualize your ideas, plus it lets you turn your projects into actionable tasks.

4. AssignmentMasters

The Assignment Masters team includes a series of expert academic writers. If you hire them, they will write your essays for you, which is frankly the most productive way to handle your essay work. Students that need time to revise and study for their exams are able to free up time by having the Assignment Masters team write their essays for them. The Assignment Masters teams only write custom-content, which means every essay they produce is 100% original and plagiarism free.

5. Scientific Research

Your college should give you a library of digital resources; however, they are sometimes limited in a way that doesn’t help people marked on a curve. Their selections are limited, which then limits the imagination of the students that use it. With you get another research tool you may use to make your essays a little more diverse and in-depth than other students are able.

6. Chegg

Many students know about Chegg. They allow students to obtain all the textbooks they need. They allow students to rent textbooks and access their online versions. It allows a student to save over 90% on their textbooks, which means students are less likely to need to go out and get a job whilst in college. Getting a job in college is a major time vampire, and that is time that students need in order to study and complete their essays.

7. StudentRate

Want to save a little more money? Don’t want to get a job and have to waste hours doing menial tasks that your qualification was supposed to help you avoid? With the Student Rate tool, you are able to find offers and discounts on almost all the things you are going to need in college. This includes discounts on fashion, travel and consumer goods. They also have discounts and offers on entertainment facilities, especially those that have student discounts.

8. Free Book Notes

This is a brilliant repository of for plot overviews, for novel guides and for context summaries that are especially useful for literature courses. This tool can help you become more productive when it comes to writing up your notes. If you are clever, then you are writing your notes out when your lectures finish for the day. With this tool, you may write them out based on what you learnt and what the notes say in the repository. It will help you find things you missed and will give you new ideas about pieces of text and books.

9. My Fitness Pal

This tool keeps your fitness in top notch. The theory is that if you are physically fit, then you are more awake and aware during the day. People that are out of shape tend to be sluggish and more easily tired, and tired people cannot study or learn as efficiently as people that have had plenty of exercise and plenty of rest.

10. Lumosity

The Lumosity app helps to boost your brain’s cognitive functions via its games and tools. The idea is that if you keep your brain active, then you may be more productive with your time and with your studies. Productivity is a very important skill that you need to develop as a college student, and this app may help keep your mind sharp so that you are more efficient and ergo more productive.

About the Author:
Linda Craig has a master’s degree in literature. She is currently working at assignment writing service, Assignmentmasters, as a freelance blogger. She wants to improve the learning process by increasing student productivity.