Some days are just a breeze. No matter your expertise or experience level, everyone has enjoyed at least one day where everything fell into place for them. It’s easy to be a model professional on days like that. However, such days are rare. Far more common are frustrating days that are problematic for one reason or another. Yet, the key to long-term success in business is learning how to grind out results even when times are tough. Today, we’ll explain how ambitious pros can do exactly that. Check out our top five tips on the matter here:

Take Easy Wins

It’s always preferable to get something done than nothing at all. So if you have a huge to-do list to tackle, look for something easy you can knock out to get the ball rolling. For instance, this could be emailing a coworker about different types of market research available. Or perhaps you simply have to print out copies of a presentation. Regardless, it’s generally good for the psyche to make tangible progress early –– even if it’s minimal.

Stick to Your Routines

Very few people are able to excel in unfamiliar environments. As such, do your best to stick to a regular routine. It’s especially important to get your morning off to a good start. Furthermore, having built-in structure to your day will help you manage to complete tasks even when you’re operating at less than 100%.

Schedule Breaks

On the surface, it might seem a little odd to schedule more breaks during a difficult day than an easy one. Yet, the reality is that taking a short five-to-ten minute break can help you focus and regather your energy during a difficult stretch. The more you’re struggling to get going, the more beneficial a walk around the block will likely be!

Focus on the Positive

It’s easy to get bogged down with negative thoughts while at the office. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking can lead to increased stress and decreased performance. The next time you catch yourself fixating on everything that’s gone wrong, take a step back to catch your breath and so you can focus on the positives. A smile can go a long way to putting you back on the right path.

Ask for Help

Nobody’s perfect! It’s important to remember that if you’re having trouble completing a project or getting started with an assignment, that it’s always okay to ask for a helping hand. Often, your coworkers will be more than willing to chip in to help you get out of a jam. Just make sure to return the favor when you’re able!