If you run a business, you wear many hats. You might be in charge of everything from invoicing to marketing and financial planning. One of your tasks is writing. You need to create material for your website, blogs or articles to showcase your knowledge within your industry, and letters to potential clients. If improving your writing skills is the last thing on your mind, these online tools can offer some helpful support.

1. Gorgias

Odds are, you have to read and write many emails. Gorgias makes the response process move a little faster by allowing you to create templates for the different types of emails you write most frequently. Simply create a template, and then edit the details before you hit “send.” You’ll save a lot of time and (most importantly), sanity.

2. PlagTracker

As you write content for your website, it’s important to make sure your material is unique. You want to stand out, not blend into the noise from your competitors. PlagTracker can see if any of your material can be found elsewhere online. If so, you can pay a little extra to have the website re-write the plagiarized information to make it 100% original.

3. NinjaEssays

Not interested in writing your own content? No problem. The professional writers at Ninja Essays can write the content for your website or blog for you. The writers all have advanced degrees in various subjects, so you can be matched with a writer who has expertise in your market. If you’d prefer just to have some help with the writing process, they can offer proofreading, editing, and formatting assistance.

4. Dark Room

You have enough distractions. Eliminate a few of them with Dark Room. Dark Room lets you write without the distraction of any other apps or websites on your desktop. If you’re the type that gets easily distracted by the Internet, your email, or Facebook, then Dark Room might be the answer.

5. Juicy Studio

In addition to being SEO enhanced, relevant to your market, and engaging, your content needs to be readable. Paste your text into Juicy Studio’s Readability tool and then tailor it until it reaches the desired reading comprehension level of your target audience.

6. Convert Case

We’ve all been there. You’ve just finished typing a long message, and then you realize the entire thing is in upper case letters. Oh, the frustration! Instead of wasting valuable time re-typing it, just copy the text into Convert Case, and it will do all the work.

7. Ginger

Ginger is an extremely convenient app that tracks your writing all across the web and makes suggestions and corrections as you go. It tracks your writing on your computer and smartphone, whether you are on a website, typing up and email, or creating a document. Never make a mistake again!

8. Mail Mentor

Mail Mentor offers “a data-driven approach to writing better email.” Learn what makes someone open an email and what makes him or her buy your service. Mail Mentor will tell you how long it will take the recipient to read your email and the what grade level the material is suited for.

These tools will offer some much-needed assistance as you run your business. You might not be a professional writer, but with a little help from these tools, your website, blog, and business documents will be polished and professional. Your business will be better off with stronger writing, and you will ultimately have more time to focus on the other areas of your business that need attention.

About the Author:
Robert Morris is a freelance editor from NYC, follow him on Google+!