Who can’t use a boost in their productivity? Although there are plenty of tips and tricks for increasing your output each day, you can also train yourself to achieve this goal.

Plenty of universities and organizations offer online courses designed to stoke your productivity and improve your professional and personal lives — you only need to know where to find them so you can get started. Here are eight courses to consider as you strive to do more:

1. Entrepreneur’s Success Routine for Growth & Productivity

In just 90 minutes’ worth of lectures, this $79.99 online course will teach you a handful of tried-and-true productivity tips. For instance, you’ll start by learning how to reconfigure your morning routine so you get into the right mindset first thing, enabling you to take proven productive steps like tackling your toughest to-do first thing early. That’s just the beginning of the course, too. You’ll also learn to rewire negative thoughts that inhibit your success, hone the vision of your dream life and help you schedule more efficiently, so you’re using time wisely all day long.

2. The Science of Everyday Thinking

This free, 12-week online class takes a critical look at the way we think, which is important in the realm of productivity. Sometimes, it’s just a mental block preventing you from performing at your best possible output. After learning about the psychology behind our day-to-day thinking, this course will have you discussing and debating how to make better decisions. Then, you’ll learn to change the way you think. Rather than making quick, emotional, rash decisions, you’ll be more calculated, deliberate and logical.

3. How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in Less Time

Perhaps because it’s meant to speed up your productivity, this free course is only 31 minutes long. In that half-hour, you’ll learn how to clarify your goals so they’re easier to achieve. You’ll also start to map out how those goals fit into the bigger picture. What milestones do you see in your future? How will you get there? Finally, the course teaches you how to scrutinize your plans, eliminating anything that doesn’t have to do with your end game.

4. Revamp Your Belief System to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Our minds work against us sometimes. However, many renowned motivational speakers teach us to push past our negative thoughts, telling stories of their trials and triumphs to inspire a tougher resolve.

If motivational speakers aren’t quite what you’re looking for, this course can help spark your untapped motivation. In a dozen lectures, you’ll map the correlation between your own beliefs about yourself and how life has unfolded — you might see they directly relate. Then, you’ll learn how to rewire these thoughts so they are no longer limiting, helping you do better than ever before.

5. Introduction to Time Management

Sometimes, time management skills make all the difference in the realm of productivity. Perhaps you have no problem coming up with goals and amping yourself up to achieve them — your only problem is you can’t find the time to pursue what you envision. If so, this free, one-to-two-hour course is right for you.

6. Productivity Habits That Stick: Using Time Theming

A free one-month trial with Skillshare will allow you to take this 45-minute course for free. It’s worth signing up for, since you’ll pick up a plethora of strategies that have helped others hone their most productive mindset. You can then tailor the takeaways to your work style, as well as to your job in general. In other words, this is just as fruitful for a traditional 9-to-5er as it is for a freelancer who can make their own hours and schedules.

7. Journey Into Minimalism

There are plenty of proven ties between minimalism and increased productivity. Think about it — with fewer things around to distract you, you’re less likely to veer from your charted productive course.

Enlisting in this online course will teach you how to shed your excess stuff, whether it be clutter, distractions or both, in just five minutes a day for a 10-day stretch. Those who routinely feel overwhelmed by the nonstop world around them can flourish with this type of training.

8. How to Make Better Decisions With the Matrix

Here’s another entry from Highbrow. Once again, you’ll receive 10 emails over the course of as many days. For many who struggle to be productive, the problem is that they can’t prioritize what’s important. In just five minutes a day — and with the help of a friendly emoji — this free training will help you decide what to tackle first and what to hold off on until later. Mastering this skill will undoubtedly boost your productivity for years to come.

Get Started Today

Make the first strides toward a new, more productive future by signing up for one of the above courses today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by improving your focus, shedding negative thoughts and redefining your goals. These quick online classes will help you get to where you aspire to be.