Business professionals and entrepreneurs are always busy so it is vital for them to get the day started right. Unfortunately, many morning routines do not really help when people want to be productive. There is a pretty good possibility that after a long period of time of waking up early, things become more difficult to deal with. Maintaining a strict schedule does take its tow on the body and entrepreneurs are known for overworking.

If you want to have a good morning and start the day right, here are some quick hacks to increase productivity and make you feel more energized.

1. Shorten The Eating Window

There is scientific proof that shortening the eating window you have in the morning improves health indicators and prevents diseases. At the same time, you get more time available to do other things like exercise or even sleep more.

Most entrepreneurs have a morning ritual. They have their coffee and a good breakfast but they do stretch this over a period of time that is longer than it should be. By simply eating faster or using something like meal prepping, you gain much more time than what you initially imagine.

2. Let Technology Help You

There is no reason why you wouldn’t have your gadgets do something while you prepare for the day ahead. For instance, how about preparing for your commute without having to be present? An example of doing this is by using software like Movavi Screen Recorder to download some movies that you would then watch when on the subway as you go to work.

A tutorial on how to do this can be read here.

3. Wake Up Right

Close to 90% of people check their smartphones in under one hour after they wake up. This is not good since it hurts the circadian rhythm through exposure to blue light. At the same time, the brain is faced with immediate stress. Basically, you end up feeling that there is something urgent to do without this actually being the case. When the smartphone is checked, you notice tasks and you start to react even if you do not realize that this is the case.