Sure, there are plenty of places to learn online.

You can always go to Google, YouTube and great blogs (like this one, right? Right?? Please tell me you love me!).

Those are all great places to find information, but you already know about those and it’s easy to get distracted at such broad websites – especially YouTube…have you ever fallen into the just-one-more-related-video-in-the-sidebar trap?

I spent a lot of time compiling these resources. Of course, I could have spent a lot more time, but you only live once – I’m using that phrase in the sense of time, not in the sense of making a really bad decision because YOLO. There are literally hundreds of thousands of hours worth of material here. We only have so many hours in our lives and going through all of these courses may take all of them, so I feel like I’ve listed enough.

Let’s dive in, starting with free college courses…

College-Level Courses

  1. Academic Earth
  3. BBC World Service Podcasts
  4. Berkeley Classes
  5. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
  6. Coursera
  7. edX
  8. Harvard Extension
  9. ITunes U
  10. Khan Academy
  11. LessonPaths
  12. Memrise
  13. MIT Open Courseware
  14. Open Culture
  15. Open Education Database
  16. Open Learning Initiative
  17. Open Yale Courses
  18. OpenCourseWare
  19. Stanford Online
  20. University of London Podcasts
  21. University of Oxford Podcasts

Personal Development and Skills

  1. 99U – Personal Development / Business
  2. Codecademy – Computer programming languages
  3. Ignite – Quick lessons on all kinds of topics (usually less than 5 minutes)
  4. Love Your Money – Lessons of personal finances
  5. TED Talks – Creative / Personal Development
  6. TED-Ed – Quick lessons on all kinds of topics (usually less than 10 minutes)
  7. Udacity – Computer programming languages
  8. Udemy – All kinds of computer courses
  9. Wikiversity – All kinds of topics

Courses, Learning and Educational Games for Kids

  1. Code – Computer Programming Languages
  2. Fun Brain – Fun learn, mostly math and reading
  3. National Geographic Kids – All kinds of topics
  4. Whyville – All kinds of topics

Free Books and Literature

  1. Bartleby
  2. Free Library
  3. Loyal Books
  4. Many Books
  5. Open Culture
  6. Project Gutenburg

Where do you go to learn online? Which websites are your favorites?