Email can be a way to waste time or a way to save time.

It depends on how you use it.

Plain and simple: I subscribe to newsletters that make me more productive.

Take MoneyMiniBlog for example. I publish a new article daily. It’s unlikely that every article will apply to you. It makes sense for you to read the weekly newsletter to skim the articles and figure out which ones you want to read. Plus, you get seven free books, a weekly recommended book and treasure (self-promotion at its finest)!

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Skimming a quick newsletter is a lot faster that skimming an entire website.

That being said, if you have a problem keeping up with your emails, you should take care of that immediately. Get your inbox cleaned out, and then only receive the emails you want to receive.

These are the newsletters I’ve found that help me grow, save my time, and make my life easier.

Here are 10 of them…

1. Make Your Point

This is more than just a daily vocabulary word to add to your arsenal (though it is that too).

Make Your Point dives deep into a new word each day. You learn a new word, and how to use it.

I’ve found this to be the single best way to learn new vocabulary words. Period.

2. The Skimm

The daily news rolled up into quick blurbs and bullet points.

If you want to read more, there are links for that, but the idea is that you can get the big picture in a couple minutes.

3. Need 2 Know

This is another daily-news newsletter.

It covers more topics than The Skimm, and often different topics.

Need 2 Know also dives into some celebrity gossip if you’re interested, but the actual news stories alone are worth it.

4. Now I Know

From the creator of Need 2 Know, Know You Know gives you an interesting true story each day.

It could be about a natural phenomenon, or someone doing the most unlikely thing possible.

Check out some of their latest editions to get examples, but it’s always interesting, and you can always take something away from each story to help you grow.

5. 5-Bullet Friday

This is the newsletter of Tim Ferriss.

He gives you five bullet points every Friday about what he’s reading, thinking about, doing, and whatever else he wants to tell you.

I typically skim it and I usually get something out of it.

It’s a quick read, and it’s only once a week.

6. Personal Growth

Personal Growth is on the Medium platform.

Some of the best articles I’ve read on growth and development were on Personal Growth.

I click on 90% of the headlines, because the topics are always so interesting. They talk a lot about habits, morning routines, and general productivity. But it’s all new and original content, not the same stuff you see all over the internet.

The majority of the outside posts I share on the MoneyMiniBlog Facebook are from here.

7. Investopedia

There are several different options for newsletters here. You can subscribe to as many or a few as you like.

The Term of the Day newsletter helped me a lot when I first got into finances.

All of the newsletters on investing and the stock market in general are worth the read.

8. James Clear

James Clear includes his entire articles in the email body.

He writes some of the best articles on the internet on habits, performance, fitness, and personal productivity.

They’re always loaded with science, research, and real-world experiences.

I highly recommend this one for anyone who wants to grow.

9. Lifehacker

Lifehacker has so many different topics so all of the articles don’t apply to me, but I often find myself intrigued to learn something new based on the latest newsletter.

Open the email. Skim the titles. Click on the new things you want to learn.

10. Bandsintown

No more browsing band websites to find show dates. This newsletter does it for you.

Sign up through the app (iPhone/Android) initially, and then you can keep or delete it. I personally don’t use the app, only the newsletter.

Upon sign-up, you’ll be asked your musical preferences, and then you’ll get emails when the bands you like are playing nearby.

Final Words

I subscribe to all kinds of other newsletters on writing, blogging and marketing, but these are the newsletters that I think anyone can benefit from. If you’re looking to start your own newsletter, there are plenty of newsletter templates to help!

Look for more newsletters that apply to your life at Discover.

Share your favorite newsletters in the comments!