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The pathway to success is never that simple, it contains plenty of twists and turns.

Following the right practices and routines can definitely bring ease in one’s journey to the planet of success.

Do successful entrepreneurs gain success at the very beginning? No. Do they have it easy? This is definitely not the case.

Successful entrepreneurs have to adopt the routines and practices that make them so. If you want to be one of them, you would have to be like them.

Reading about the daily lives and routines of these successful entrepreneurs gives us an insight to how they were able to accomplish so much in their lives. Therefore, we’ve picked our favorite morning routines of successful entrepreneurs. Following them is sure to bring positive transformation in your life.

1. Meditation

Meditation has been a daily morning routine of all famous thinkers, scientists, politicians, and army generals since ancient times and a vital part of morning routines of successful entrepreneurs. Not only the routine of meditation refreshes one’s mind and releases stress.

It also gives one the ability to view things clearly, increase concentration and reduce vagueness. Meditation, if done properly, can be pretty effective in any form be it yoga or reading chakra affirmations. Therefore many successful entrepreneurs, including Nicole Elizabeth DeMer, have adopted it as a regular morning routine.

2. Setting Milestones

Developing daily or weekly milestones provides necessary motivation to keep one going. It also helps keeping focus on important stuff and prioritizing activities. Additionally, it doesn’t let one’s concentration deviate easily. This makes setting milestones one of the important morning routines of successful entrepreneurs.

Creating milestones is crucial to success in any field, be it a 9-5 job or your own business. Therefore, a number of successful entrepreneurs, including Dan Murphy, make sure to follow that routine every morning.

3. Early to Rise

Not only rising early gives a person more time to accomplish tasks, but also makes a person disciplined. One begins to procrastinate lesser and lesser and tends to complete work in time. One you’d start waking up early, you would notice that you would never be late for anything again.

This morning routine is what successful entrepreneurs like Tom Harari and many other follow.

4. Having a Cup of Tea or Coffee

Most of us do not like getting out bed and getting ready to hustle.

Everyone needs somethings that provides the necessary energy and push to work hard for the rest of the day. For some of us, coffee does this magic. For the rest, tea proves to be that energy tonic. Most successful entrepreneurs out there, including Chuck Longanecker, consider coffee/ tea a must-have to mark the beginning of the day with because when drowsiness prevails and everything else fails, coffee saves the day.

Like most of us, coffee intake is one of the morning routines of successful entrepreneurs.

5. Imagine Success

There is no doubt in the fact that positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes.

Even if things are not going in your favor lately, positive thinking is capable of giving you the power to turn success towards your direction. Frequently imagining successful scenarios tricks your brain into believing that your goals aren’t that difficult to achieve. This, subsequently, makes a person more dedicated and fearless.

Most successful entrepreneurs, including AJ Kumar, have adopted this practice as a part of morning routine to help them achieve their short term and long term aims.

6. Spending Time with Nature

Surrounding yourself with greenery and nature can be really joyful and refreshing. Walking, Running or exercising in some green open space or gardening can be some of the ways you can spend time with nature.

Many successful entrepreneurs, including Josh Reeves, the CEO and founder of Gusto, suggest this as an essential routine of morning.

7. Avoiding the Phone

Checking your calendar, e-mails, social media and instant messages as soon as you open your eyes in the morning with the sound of your alarm can be pretty stressful. Instead, its way better to wake up gradually at your own pace and with your own thoughts as suggested by Peter Gasca.

If you’re totally addicted to checking updates frequently and cannot resist it as you get up with the sound of your phone’s alarm, purchasing a cheap alarm clock would prove to be a good option for you.

8. Spending Time with Those Who Matter

This world has become fast paced. In the rush to achieve material gains, we often forget to give time to our loved ones.

Beginning your day by chatting with your family members or playing with your pets in the morning can really boost your energy levels and get you all set for your day ahead.

This particular ritual is an essential part of Jeff Chapin’s morning routine.

About the Author:
Michael Chapman is the founder of Learn how to take charge of life and live actively.