In the new era of modern technologies the process of teaching and learning becomes more mobile and simple. It is all possible due to the variety of digital tools available.

In our digital world technology is naturally everywhere and the young generation adapts to it faster than others. For students, it’s pretty normal to use it in every aspect of their everyday lives so educational technology tools in the classroom are becoming just essential for more effective work.

As traditional methods of teaching require reconsidering and complete transformation, it makes teachers look for new digital teaching tools to keep up with 21st century needs and enhance their professional teaching practices.

Digital Instruments for an Effective Studying Process

Using technologies in education not only creates curiosity and boosts engagement but also leads to better communication and building relationships between a teacher and a student also ensuring a better studying process. Here is the list of the best online teaching tools to use in college:

1. Xtensio. This is a platform that makes it possible for teams to collaborate in creating smart and beautiful presentations, reports, slides or any online documents. It’s the perfect tool to create, share and manage simultaneously living “folios” with its easy-to-navigate features.

2. Edmodo. This is a kind of social network where lecturers and students can organize private chats, groups, share information and documents, check performance, message parents and perform many other things. Right now it has over 35 million students;

3. Prezi. This one is useful software for making more effective and persuasive interactive presentations (compared to PowerPoint);

4. Not really a teaching tool, but very helpful for students who have to deal with writing assignments. When students are overwhelmed with papers, they may use paper help and also learn more about formatting, researching and writing in a required style;

5. Socrative. This is a system that helps educators build different exercises and games that undergraduates can play using their smartphones. It also allows to modify lessons based on results or create a personalized approach;

6. Animoto. This tool helps both instructors and students make up animated videos. You can construct slideshows from pictures, combine videos and also use many other functions;

7. cK12. This website is aimed to decrease the cost of educational books in the US and the whole world so it became a source of producing and distributing academic materials that contain pictures, videos, and active exercises and can also be modified to match the standards of different regions. This way books can be personalized to any teacher and student;

8. Thinglink. The platform helps teachers produce interactive images and establish new methodologies using music, texts, pictures, and different sounds;

9. eduClipper. The tool gives educators and students an opportunity to discover and share different educational materials. Here you can keep the information you saved from the web, organize a group and after that share this info with its members. This academic content can be managed more effectively, enhance your research methods and keep a record;

10. TED-Ed. This platform enables lecturers and students to work together on composing academic lessons and actively participate in the studying process;

11. Storybird. This tool is focused on improving writing skills using storytelling. Here teachers can produce interactive books via a simple interface, give feedback, manage classes and students` grades while the stories may be later published in blogs.

Technology is the future so its high time to follow this trend by incorporating digital tools in your classroom.