Psychology is a significant factor in the quality and quantity of work that we get done. When we are happy in our working environments, we will naturally be more motivated to produce a greater output than if we disliked the place in which we work. A challenging yet enjoyable job, a solid wage, flexibility with working hours and pleasant, co-operative colleagues all contribute to an enjoyable workplace – and probably a more productive one at that.

The physical location in which we work can also have a bearing on our productivity levels. Would you prefer to spend eight hours of your day in a building that’s free of litter and malodors, or one which resembles a bombsite and has various bad smells polluting the air? It’s not exactly a difficult decision.

When you look at the possible reasons as to why cleaner offices are more productive, it’s not hard to make the connection. A decrease in clutter removes a lot of distractions for personnel, while having all your documentation organized neatly makes it a damn sight easier to find than if it was tossed unceremoniously across your desk in a heap. Every year, hundreds of hours are lost in time squandered on looking for documents that would be found in seconds with decent organization.

Amid the rush to complete core working tasks, the cleanliness of the office and your desk can be trivialized. However, it’s worth keeping just a small portion of time each week (or maybe each month) for basic cleaning duties that will help to keep the place in prime condition consistently.

The people at Cleaning Services Group created this infographic which explores the correlation between a clean office and greater workplace productivity. It turns out that a clean working environment is not only nicer to have, but also advocates more productivity and, quite possibly, greater profitability.

office productivity clean space

Infographic: Cleaning Services Group