It’s hard to imagine a day going by without us depending on technology at least for one or two tasks. The innovative devices continuously improve our lifestyle and help us to manage daily chores without having to deal with additional complications.

Technology definitely makes all of our daily chores faster and way convenient allowing us to have more freedom when it comes to the way we want to hold a meeting, or communicate with loved ones but there is an aspect to all of this that often gets overlooked.

Technology can hugely increase our productivity and help us focus on tasks and make them more accessible and possibly even encourage us to do things that we would have done if we didn’t have easy access through technology.

We’ve combined four examples where using technology can increase your productivity and give you better results instantly.

1. Cutting Off Procrastination

Yes, there are people who get to business and get stuff done without any distractions but more often than nobody in real life deals with their tasks with such confidence and focus. In this day and age with our very limited attention span, constant distractions, and entertainment just at our fingertips it has become incredibly hard to not procrastinate and get to work, and most importantly to continue to work.

Mobile apps that were designed specifically for making focus easier for you. There are a lot of apps that can help you with this but the concept is the same. The app sets out the time period for you to work and for rest which makes it much easier for you to focus because you know you will be getting a break soon enough and then it will remind you to get back to work.

2. Doing Business

The technology has made communication much more simple but also it has made managing business, trading and conducting financial transactions much easier, hence making it less likely that you will procrastinate. For example, before, trading forex required a desktop at best, a lot of effort to understand just how the system works. These days you can trade by only using our phone, without leaving your room. Some people even have their trading robots, doing all the trading themselves.

The most important perk of this is that when we take using mobile, there really isn’t a place for any overly complicated systems so our job is much more simple, to the point and efficient. The tech development in this direction encouraged the simplification of online platforms, business management and trading of any sort. The main reason why people put off tasks is that they seem too daunting. With mobile applications and tools which enable you to simplify your trading process, it makes it way more enjoyable and less stressful.

3. Making Organizing Fun and Accessible

We all love to write down our tasks on a variety of different surfaces, which seem fun at first but quickly results in all of our notes getting lost or mixed with other things, eventually killing any desire for productivity that we might have had. As technology started to advance we started to see different tools for organizing online, where you won’t lose any of your notes, written tasks or reminders.

Using your phone or your laptop you can use Google Calendar that will link up all of your devices so you can access your tasks from any of them, always staying organizing, leaving the struggle of leaving your notebook at home behind. It makes you way more productive since you always know what you need to be doing no matter where you are. It makes the whole experience a lot more calm, less anxious and more importantly productive.

4. Delivery Services

While this particular service does cost a bit, it does wonders for our productivity. Even a few years back we might have been in the middle of a super busy project or an assignment, and we had no one to deliver us food or necessary supplies for the project saving us hours and giving us a chance to focus on our projects. Especially if you live in a large city, going out, for one thing, can stunt your day by hours and put you way back, therefore taking away the important time you should be using to work.

The fact that we can have everything we want to be delivered to us makes us much more productive, giving us a chance to focus entirely on a task at hand and not lose time commuting from one end of the city to another just because we need something from a specific shop.

Technology does a lot for us, by making tasks easier and less scary allowing us to focus on the quality instead of wasting time on the formatting, corrections and complicated procedures that can be simplified by technology.