Feeling unproductive lately or becoming less excited to go to work these days?

Ever thought about why you suddenly felt like this when you know you’re not really the type of person who procrastinate and becomes lazy? There’s probably a reason or two for this and you might not even know it yet.

If it’s been days or weeks that you’ve been feeling this way, it’s important that you stop for a moment from all the things you’re doing and thinking and solve the problem so you can be productive again.

According to brightpod, there are 7 reasons why we feel unproductive at work. It could be because:

  1. Too many emails
  2. Too many urgent emails
  3. Pointless emails
  4. Repetitive tasks
  5. Using too many tools for doing one task
  6. Not knowing why you are doing what you are doing
  7. Too many approvals to approach your own people

Which one is it? Not there?

According to another article by Medimanage, the 5 reasons why you are unproductive at work are because:

  1. You have a short attention span
  2. You love to Multitask
  3. You are bored most of the time
  4. You are not a planner
  5. You are too comfortable

Is the reason one of these five things? If you really can’t pinpoint the reason, then just take a break for a few days. It doesn’t make sense to go to work when you really can’t get things done, right?

But if you really, really want to fight that unproductive, uninspired feeling inside of you and you believe that being motivated is a decision not a feeling, then help yourself out by still showing up and doing your work real good.

Here’s a good productivity cheatsheet you can use. All the productivity hacks listed in this infographic created with Visme are the most effective ones. You can try it 3-5 hacks a day until you adapt all of these habits.

productivity hacks infographic

Infographic: Visme