We retired from our cube jobs a little over a year ago. For both of us, the last year of work felt like one of the worst of our careers. By ignoring the 4 percent rule, and instead targeting a 2.5% safe withdrawal rate in early retirement, we were potentially working much longer than what was actually needed.

During that time, we were not only battling nonsense at work, we also were battling ourselves. What if we were being too conservative than necessary? Were we trading our valuable time for money we didn’t actually need? All of these questions were going through our minds.

Battling the desire to just quit over letting our plan dictate when we quit was a constant struggle. 

During that last year, we had to constantly remind each other that our work struggles would no longer matter when we hit the quit button. Logically knowing this, didn’t make the challenges feel much different, but it ended up being true.

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