When you really break it all down to basics, some people seem to have money completely under control and others are walking money disaster areas.

Yes, it is true that sometimes out of control circumstances deal us a bad blow and money matters can get rough. I think everyone goes through those difficulties from time to time and it doesn’t make you a bad person or irresponsible with money when it happens.

Many of the personal finance blogs that you read are based on the fact that the blogger themselves was a huge money disaster and then somehow turned it all around and overcame it. That’s what they write about.

As great as that is, it has always seemed to me that it comes from never learning or understanding how to handle money. It’s like a story about someone who deliberately crashes their car into a tree and then gets it fixed at the shop to make look as good as new again. Why go through all of that insanity that winds you up in the place and condition you should have been from day one? Well, there are some real reasons for it and it helps explain why some people are just money disasters.

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