“There’s no doubt that the coronavirus lockdown has impacted our lives in massive ways. Being self-employed, my income has definitely taken a hit and I know many others are in the same boat, even my husband.

My husband has fallen through the cracks with the government self-employment help as he has only been full-time employed for just under one year, which means he’s not entitled to the self-employed grant so has just lost his entire income for the foreseeable future!

Much of the paid work I had planned has been cancelled for the time being as brands worry about budgets or even having a business to return to once the lockdown is over.

Luckily I have still been able to make money from home, even if it’s not as much as I’m used to, and I’ve also been able to withdraw money from several money making apps and websites that I use.

Here are the 19 ways I have so far made and saved money during the coronavirus lockdown.”

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