Early retirement is the reason many of us give for the deprivations we impose on ourselves (and our loved ones) on a daily basis.

All those sacrifices made at the altar of early retirement. 

Financial. Personal. Family.

Time we’ll never get back.

Not this little black duck!

I’m on the shady side of 50 and due to various ups and downs in my personal and financial life, I don’t have a million dollars stashed in a retirement fund.

What I do have is a choice.

I can choose to become a prisoner to my retirement fund, working in a soul destroying job and, living on bread and water to ensure I have sufficient saved in another 15 years to retire comfortably.


I can choose to create a life where I don’t feel the need to retire. Ever.

That means enjoying and getting deep personal satisfaction out of every single day. Plus, money in the bank.

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