It doesn’t need to be said that any type of investment can be a risky venture except, possibly, real estate. While there may be fluctuations in the market, there is only so much property to go around. You may need to wait out times when property values fall a bit or are stagnant, but over time you can make a huge profit because of the one constant in marketing, supply and demand.

No matter which of the following three types of real estate you are interested in, over time they will significantly rise in value, especially in geographically small nations like the UK. In fact, you couldn’t find a safer long-term investment if you are building wealth for the future. That leaves the question of which type of real estate you are interested in.

1. Buying Your Own Home

It is never a mistake to invest in your own home if you have the money for a down payment and can make your monthly mortgage instalments. Consider for a moment the fact that the UK is 40 times smaller than the United States but has a population only 5 times smaller with just less than 66 million residents! Then consider the fact that a great deal of land is designated as “National Preserves” which means it can’t be developed on and you’ll see that residential property is already at a premium.

Buying a new build today for £300,000 can sell in just a couple of decades for almost double that price if the population continues to expand, which it undoubtedly will! A normal family will hold a property for that length of time while the children grow up and so this is one very profitable investment in your future without investing money above and beyond what it takes to manage a household!

2. Buy to Let Residential

Now then, consider all the trendy tourist locations there are in the UK. You may want to set London aside for a moment because property is going to already be quite expensive there. Instead, think about cities like Exeter with a large university and student population. It is already possible to find places to stay in Exeter for students, but Exeter student accommodation aside, what about buy to let residential properties in the area? Not only do parents often make a journey there to visit students who live away from home whilst in university, but Exeter has become quite the tourist spot in the South West of England. This is one city where you could begin making an immediate return on your investment as residential lettings are booked.

3. Buy to Let Commercial

While commercial properties may take a higher investment, they are also at a premium in the UK. These types of properties include any type of land zoned for commercial purposes. You could buy property already improved (meaning structures are already on the property) or you could buy vacant land to be developed. The type of structures would be suitable for any type of business you can imagine, depending on the location and city codes. Many times, commercial properties are purchased by investment funds in which several investors place varying amounts of money. The point is, commercial properties are usually investment strategies of larger groups of investors. Even so, over time, these properties will gain in value as well.

Few things in life will ever be as valuable as property, especially in countries like the UK where land is already at a premium. Whether looking for a faster ROI such as you would see on buy-to-let properties or slower, long-term investments like commercial property, it is unlikely that real estate will ever devalue over enough time so that you would lose your investment. There’s only so much to go around, so why not take advantage of an ‘almost’ sure thing?