Since 70% of adults use social media, and about 50% of buyers start their search online, the internet is an indispensable house-selling tool.

But there’s something even better than creating vast online exposure yourself, and that is having a realtor with the skills and networks to double your efforts.

Working as a team, you and your real estate agent have many options to employ to sell your house online.

Find The Right Realtor

Your realtor should use, and advise you on using, all online platforms available to get your listing out there. He should also be networking with colleagues and keeping abreast of the “buzz” in your market.

Realtors have exclusive access to the multiple listing service, or MLS, a vast database of houses for sale by agents. Yes, you can pay a fee as a seller to list your house there, but they offer no other realty services. Having a realtor list for you means you get her help and know-how throughout the process.

Check out a realtor’s website. If it’s above average and looks great, offering enthusiasm and referrals, Google this person. You should be able to find her presence all over the web, in articles and on social media, etc. Then you know she will be able to help you harness all online possibilities.

Social Media Tips

Always check with your agent before you launch anything, to make sure he agrees with your plan, and that you’re not inadvertently breaking any fair housing law.

  • Snapchat, with about 60 million users, is great to show off the features of your house. Don’t be dull about it! Get personal and creative, such as posting video vignettes of relaxing on the deck, entertaining in the living space, etc. Snapchat is not the place to open an account to sell your house, because you won’t get followers fast enough. Let your realtor use his account.
  • Facebook has about one billion users from all walks of life. You can post your listing and some good shots of the house, but mix them into your normal posts to avoid getting repetitive. You can also livestream a virtual open house on Facebook: announce the time in advance, then tour the house, with a Q and A session. You can save it and share to groups or put on YouTube. Another strategy is to ask Friends to share your post, then offer a lovely gift card reward to the person whose Share led to the sale.
  • Instagram boasts about 300 million daily users, but it is not the best place for informal candids of your house. You will want more staged, artful shots to make your home look its aesthetic best. You can also livestream here, but you can’t save it. One extra benefit of Instagram is the variety of hashtags you can use, from location to specific great features of the house: #citystate, #waterview, #finishedbasement, etc.
  • Online Essay Contests have sold places, even “not for everyone” properties such as inns and farms. Owners need to post clear rules about essay length, content, entry fees, and judging. The entry fee should be enough to make you serious money; after all, the winner gets a house for the cost of that fee. Consult your realtor on whether this is a realistic option for your home, and make sure he consults the Attorney General’s Office in your state to ensure it’s legal. If you try, do not spend the entry fees until you know the contest worked, just in case you have to pay fees back. Write2Win on Facebook can help you organize your contest.

As the seller, you can take advantage of wherever you already spend time online. You should be able to let your agent cover the rest of the social media ground, connecting your home to as many potential buyers as possible.