A thunderous and electrifying cloud had settled over New South Wales (NSW).

A perfect storm of low supply and scary high demand has pushed house prices through the roof. Whilst a boon for existing home owners and those lucky investors who got in on the ground floor, for many this shocking increase has pushed the Australian dream further away.

Sounds bad right?

Well there might be some sunshine after the storm after all.

Sources indicate a significant fall in sales prices across NSW, meaning now might be the best time to enter the market. Compare Home Loans across The Big 4 and see how Newcastle Permanent stacks up.

1. Value 

Whilst all of Australia experienced growth, NSW and its capital city Sydney were hit particularly hard. Median sales prices in Sydney tower above their interstate counterparts. Basically, NSW is a hot property and after a value drop, now you will get more house for your money.

2. Population

NSW is our country’s most populous state. Yes, this means more traffic sometimes but the benefits of such a large population far outweigh the cons. There are more jobs here and NSW experiences the lowest unemployment rate of all the states and territories. More specialists and specialty stores. More potential friends and social events. NSW simply has “more”.

3. Geography

NSW may have more people, but its vast borders don’t want for extra space. Stunning natural wonders dot NSW and the variation in geography is something to behold. From shimmering coastal havens to desolate desert plains, NSW has it all. Visit our tallest mountain in the snow ranges or marvel at the seemingly man-made wedding cake rocks south of Sydney. You could spend your entire life exploring NSW and marvelling at its natural beauty.

4. Sydney

Ah Sydney… It’s expensive, noisy and full of people. But it’s also a buzzing, beautiful and a truly international city, whether you enjoy the theatre or the footy, Sydney holds events all year round that cater to all tastes. Being a tourist hot spot and international hub, the chances are high that you can find whatever you are looking for there. Opportunity is abundant here and its architecture, beaches and world-famous landmarks make it worth a visit at least once in your life.

5. Canberra

Isn’t Canberra that place where the politicians live? Canberra is a territory in the middle of NSW and that novelty alone warrants a visit. Canberra is a smart and progressive planned city that play hosts to world class museums and galleries. The national gallery could qualify as the best Art Gallery in Australia and houses some of the most important works of art in history.

6. Infrastructure

Being the most wealthy and populous state, NSW needs the best infrastructure to keep up with its resident’s needs. This means you will find fast internet, clean reliable rail systems and extensive bus networks. People in NSW for the most part enjoy well maintained and policed roads.

7. Variety

The shear variety in NSW is possibly its biggest strength. No other state has ski fields and surf beaches. Visit charming country towns or live it up in the big city the choices are endless. Need a change of scenery? Luckily you don’t need to leave the state border!

Big bold and beautiful, NSW has it all. Are you dreaming of that farm life? What about starting a new life in the big city? Have you lived in NSW your whole life and are ready to take the plunge? As house sale prices are forecast to continue dipping and then rise later, now might just be the smartest time to own your own slice of New South Wales.