After a career in the military service and sustaining life-altering mental or physical injuries, it’s important that you, as a veteran are offered the correct support. Understanding the best way to get 100% VA disability can be time-consuming and complicated. The process of obtaining disability benefits is often complex, this can often deter veterans from seeing the process through and getting the outcome they deserve.

Support With the Process

Each case will need specific and substantial evidence to support the individual claim, which can be difficult to obtain – this also can be another obstacle in the course of securing disability benefits. Some veterans have found the system frustrating and give up on the process meaning they lose out on the financial support they deserve. The knowledge and experience of a VA attorney can provide you with the information that enables you to understand the complex system, as well as providing you with the correct evidence needed to achieve a higher percentage and therefore receive more support.

How to Qualify

If you, a close friend or family member are a veteran with service-connected injuries or long term illness, you could qualify for VA benefits and support. In order to qualify there are several mandatory requirements that must be met. For example, there are fundamental prerequisites such as; the injury or illness must have been sustained during duty or training (and been given a 10% or more VA disability rating for this injury or illness), how the condition(s) has affected the veteran’s ability to work long term. For instance, in order to secure 100 percent disability rating, the veteran must be able to prove that the physical or mental impairment is so great they are unable to maintain work or occupations and therefore are unable to secure an income

What makes a veteran’s injuries worthy of 100% VA disability allowance?

There are many different ways of securing 100 percent disability allowance, such as the VA formula in which you’re able to combine percentages of several injuries to qualify for the 100% total. Another way to secure 100% benefit is to prove the veteran is if you are unable to work due to the injury or illness (even if the rating isn’t 100%) – this is known as a Total Disability due to Individual Unemployment (TDIU). There are also options to secure a temporary 100 percent disability, where veterans who have been hospitalized for a long period of time can temporarily receive 100 percent compensation.

Or lastly, if a veteran’s condition has no chance to recover or improve or are unable to care for themselves, they can qualify for Permanent and Total (P&T) disability. The assistance of a VA attorney can help with the complex application process for the examples listed above. By getting in touch with an experienced VA attorney, you could gain better insight into the process and in the long run, make big changes in your life. The sooner you get stuck in and find out your options, the better.